Tibhar Evolution MX-D vs MX-P Reviews

Tibhar Evolution MX-D Review

Evolution MX-D is a fusion product of MX-P and MX-S. It inherits the rotation ability of MX-S and the speed of MX-P.

As the flagship product of the TIBHAR brand, the Evolution series has been recognized by many table tennis enthusiasts for its high-quality performance since its inception. Among them, Evolution MX-P should be the best-selling.

This article will mainly compare MX-P when evaluating Evolution because they belong to the same series and have many similarities in style.

Basic Parameters: MX-D vs MX-P 50°

The following table lists the basic parameters of MX-D and MX-P comparison:

Type        OFFOFF
Throw Angle8.07.0
PimplesPimple inPimple in
PriceCheck Current Price Check Current Price
Made InGermanyGermany
MX-D vs MX-P

Tibhar Evolution MX-D Review

Tibhar Evolution MX-D Appearance

  • Packaging: MX-D has adopted the classic outer packaging of the Tibhar Evolution series as always, and “EVOLUTION MX-D” is blessed with the most popular golden font nowadays.
  • Particles: Tibhar’s latest unique “-D” model particle technology, the scientific design gives the rubber a better touch. The height of the measured particles is about 1.0mm, the diameter of the particles is about 1.5mm, and the gap between the two particles is about 0.6mm. The arrangement is very tight.
  • Sponge: The performance of the newly developed Red energy Sponge is similar to that of the predecessor Red power Sponge, providing additional energy and the possibility of change for the MX-D rubbers.
  • Weight: The measured MX-D uncut weight is 75 grams. After cutting, it is about 53 grams pasted on the Butterfly Viscaria blade. In the era of ABS 40+ Balls, the overall weight of German rubbers using Cake Sponge has been increased.
Tibhar Evolution MX-D
Tibhar Evolution MX-D

Features of MX-D

  • Super “ball-gripping” PRO rubber surface.
  • New unique “-D” type granulation process.
  • Hard power Red energy Sponge.
  • Unprecedented “first speed” and invincible high spin.

Play with Evolution MX-D

The uncut weight of MX-D is 75g, and the cut is about 53g on the Viscaria FL Handle. This weight is slightly heavier for the average player to use on the backhand.

Although the measured hardness is slightly higher than Tenergy 05, the sponge is not as tough as T05, and it is not difficult to penetrate. Of course, the hardness is not as hard as D05.

It is not like the XIOM Omega series that has a harder surface and catches the ball. It is more like the “overall catching” feel of the Donic Bluefire M1.

Tibhar Evolution MX-D with Viscaria

Drive & Block & Push

  • MX-D is very fast when it is placed in a forehand attack, and the force is strong and the quality is high.
  • Blocking and defense on the backhand are surprisingly good, with greater flexibility,
  • Pushing is very stable and the stroke is very linear.


When looping backspin, both MX-P and MX-D are great. Although the surface of the rubber is astringent, it is definitely a leader in backspin. This is an advantage compared to many German rubbers, and it is also the reason for the popularity of the Evolution series.

When looping topspin, the arc will be longer and closer to the end of the table, which is very similar to D05.

MX-D is easier to go out of bounds than MX-P, it can be said that it is more oppressive, and the arc is lower and longer than MX-P. This makes it more difficult for the opponent to counterattack.

Control & Stability

Although MX-P is softer and holds the ball longer, MX-D and MX-P have similar frictional properties. Both have good control and stability.


When using Forehand Flick or Backhand Flick, you will find that M X-D’s first speed is faster than MX-P, more crisp and bouncy, and has better directivity, although the official data shows that the speed is about the same. From this point of view, MX-D is also quite good as a fast-hitting style choice.


In terms of speed, MX-P is already the flagship of German Rubbers. Regardless of speed, rotation or power, it can be described as omnipotent. MX-D is not much different, but it has become more direct in style and has a shorter ball holding time, so the shooting speed is faster.


In terms of rotation, although the holding time is slightly shorter than that of the MX-P, the quality of the rotation is not reduced. It feels like the rotation is about the same, but the speed is indeed faster. In a sense, it is similar to the difference between Butterfly Tenergy 05 and Dignics 05.

Tibhar Evolution MX-P Review

What is Evolution MX-P?

Evolution MX-P is a Pro Tensor rubber that Tibhar company has created, and it is the top of the range in the Evolution series.

In terms of technology, the Tensor is of course a necessary parameter for this high-end rubber. In addition, Tibhar has added its characteristic Power technology to its sponge. The Red-Power Sponge is a bit similar to “cake sponge”, and does not have the strong rubbery smell of other rubbers. In the simplest terms, it is similar to a sponge that is charged up to make the attack more threatening.

The performance of Tibhar Evolution MX-P is very close to Butterfly Tenergy 64, and its price is half of Tenergy 64, but it is much more durable than Butterfly T64. It can be said that Evolution MX-P is the best alternative to Tenergy 64.

Features of MXP

  • “Evolution” series rubber adopts perfect dynamic energy adjustment technology, which is also the top masterpiece in the development history of TIBHAR rubber.
  • The use of Pro Tensor Technology and the organic combination of Red Power Sponge gave birth to a super rubber with strong power. EVOLUTION MX-P maximizes the aggressiveness of shots under the premise of excellent speed and spin, so that players of any technical level can enjoy the fun of ping-pong.
  • The control performance of MX-P is excellent. The rubber and sponge can “catch” the ball deeper, prolonging the friction process, so that the player can experience a better hitting feeling. MX-P is a “superweapon” that will deliver a fatal blow to your opponent, whether on the near or far table.

Play with Tibhar MX-P

Tibhar Evolution MX-P is a rare type of rubber with excellent control in the German Rubbers. Which is a great attacking rubber for offensive players. Another excellent rubber in the Evolution series is MX-S.

The sponge of MX-P is equivalent to Hurricane 40 degrees, and it is heavy, so it is a forehand rubber. But the backhand can also be used if the power is good.

The elasticity of MX-P is very general (in the German set), and its push is very good. The push basically does not lose, which is better than most rubbers.


MX-P can create a very full and downward-sloping arc with great power and rotation.

And it is extremely stable, the more power you put into it, the more stable it becomes.

Among all the rubbers I have played so far, none of the rubbers have given me this kind of surprise, including a Tenergy 05 I used many years ago.

I think it’s completely against Hurricane NEO when you give enough power, and it will not be inferior in all aspects.

But compared with other German rubbers, MX-P’s leverage under small power is very general, blocking the ball is very easy to touch the net.

Tibhar Evolution MX-P

The friction of mxp is very general under small power, the arc is low and flat, the rotation is general, and it is easy to get off the net.

Many players may have the feeling of slippage?  This is not to say that the MX-P surface friction is not good, but the reason for the sponge. The sponge of MX-P has a bad grasping under the small force.

When you use mxp to drive the ball, you must hold the ball deeply into the sponge. The deeper you eat, the more powerful you will feel. It is incomparable in all aspects.

It is due to the existence of this extreme disadvantage that many players may think that MX-P‘s hitting is not linear, but this is also the characteristic of MX-P, that is, it must work hard!

This shortcoming is more obvious in Tibhar EL-P rubber, which can be regarded as a softer and lighter mxp.

Another point is that the MX-P sponge is very easy to shrink. It is said that a lot of oil has been filled before leaving the factory. This is the case for the Tibhar Evolution series, so it is best to play with the racket until it is scrapped.

In short, MX-P has better control ability under small power and powerful under large power. The disadvantage is that it lacks friction and is not linear enough. In addition, its performance should be considered as top-rubber in the German rubbers.

  • Recommendation index: 4.5 stars
  • Strength: 9.4
  • Elasticity: 6.5
  • Rotation: 9.5
  • Control: 9

Tibhar Evolution MX-P – The Bayonet of Tibhar

Excellent speed and rotation are the goals that players have been pursuing, but the improvement of the level is not directly proportional to our efforts.

Sometimes looking at the world from another angle will always make us feel new magic. Whether you are a senior or an amateur player, you can try Evolution MX-P. You will find that if you want to improve your level, you can still suppress your opponents through equipment.

The top product will have a bayonet-level character, and players who use this Tibhar Evolution MX-P must have the spirit of fighting!

MX-D vs MX-P

  • MX-P is efficient in attacking, defending, controlling and counterattacking in the close court.
  • MX-P grips the ball better, holds the ball longer and is easier to adjust.
  • MX-P has a softer sponge and hits the ball a little louder.
  • MX-D is harder and crisper.
  • MX-D is better at the middle and far table, with better speed, power, spin and control.
  • MX-D has more precise pointing.
  • MX-D is also like a compound of MX-P and MX-S, with both speed and spin, which is suitable for medium and high level players who pursue attacking quality.

So, should I choose MX-P or MX-D?

Personally, I think it’s probably more of a consideration: MX-D is a bit stiffer, MX-P is relatively soft.

Then look at a personal preference for holding the ball. If you like more adjustment space and want more ball-holding, then MX-P is more suitable. If you want faster speed and crisper hits, then MX-D is more in line with your needs.

In terms of overall performance, MX-D is still an Evolution series product, with slight adjustments made between MX-P and MX-S. Players who are used to MX-P should be able to transition easily.

It is just a fine-tuning, it wants to become crisper and faster in order to be able to win against more topspin shots.

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