Butterfly Timo Boll ALC vs Viscaria

Butterfly Timo Boll ALC and Viscaria blades are currently the mainstream ALC products on the market.

The Timo Boll ALC and the Butterfly Viscaria are similar because they both come with the ALC fibers. The handle of the Viscaria blade, however, is a bit thicker than that of the Timo Boll ALC.

They have the same structure and similar performance data. Let us see how to choose?


Butterfly Timo Boll Alc
Timo Boll Alc
Butterfly Viscaria

Parameter Comparison

The chart below lists the attributes of Timo Boll ALC and Visaria:

Weight88 g90 g
Thickness5.8 mm5.8 mm
Head Dimensions157×150 mm157×150 mm
FL Handle Dimensions100×24 mm100×25 mm
PriceCheck Price on Amazon Check Price on Amazon
Made inJapanJapan
Timo Boll Alc vs Viscaria


  • The structure is the same, both are ALC fibers
  • The handle of Viscaria is a bit thick, while the handle of Boll ALC is softer and quite comfortable.
  • The forehand of Viscaria is obviously a bit more numb than the Boll ALC, the Boll ALC is more bounce and clearer.
  • The backhand of Viscaria is Steady and more suitable for block than Boll ALC.
  • Viscaria is suitable for DHS Hurricane 3, and Boll ALC is more suitable for the Butterfly Tenergy series and Dignics series.
  • Viscaria has a good feel with medium-strength, but if the player is concentrated, it will have a very high quality, and it is harder than Boll ALC.
  • Boll ALC has a hard outside and a soft inside, so it is crispy. The shot speed is fast with medium-strength, and feels solid, but feels a little soft as a whole with the big strength.
  • If you have more power and can concentrate, Viscaria is recommended. On the contrary, if your power is relatively small, it is recommended to use boll alc.


The forehand of the Butterfly Viscaria is more numb, and its backhand is steady. The Viscaria is best for blocking, unlike the Timo Boll ALC.

The Viscaria blade also can fit with the DHS Hurricane 3 rubber, while the Timo Boll ALC works better with the Butterfly Tenergy and the Dignics rubbers. The shot for the Timo Boll ALC is faster at medium strength when compared to the Viscaria. The Viscaria is quite slow during gameplay, and the shot won’t be as solid as the Timo Boll ALC.

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