DHS Hurricane 3 NEO Rubber Reviews: Vs. Hurricane 8


Reviewer: Dorian

Position: One Hurricane staff who also is a super player

Hobby: Like to try different kinds of rubbers and update every month

Hurricane 3

  • The solid sponge makes it hard to be penetrated.
  • Once it is penetrated, it will have ordinary rotation, strength, and speed.
DHS Hurricane 3

Hurricane 3 Provincial

  • The DHS hurricane3 provincial edition is used by professional players of the provincial team.
  • Its sponge elasticity and rubber stickiness are better than ordinary hurrican3.
  • The provincial edition has a better comprehensive performance with stronger rotation and strength.

Hurricane 3 National

  • The DHS hurricane3 national is a special edition for the china national team.
  • The DHS Institute produces it. Its standard is much stricter than that of the popular hurricane.
  • It has a seal on its sponge, the production date and product number indicate.
  • The national edition is more flexible and permeable than the previous, but the ball comes out with more power.

Hurricane 3 Neo

The manufacturer pre-processes the sponge when the rubber leaves the factory. So that the sponge has internal energy and makes it easier to penetrate.

DHS Hurricane 3 NEO

Hurricane 3 Neo Provincial Blue Sponge 

  • Only the provincial and the national versions are equipped with the blue sponge products.
  • The blue sponge is more difficult to penetrate than the orange sponge.
  • It has a longer holding space.
  • It exists to allow professional table tennis players to have more space to hold the ball when they use their forehands.

Hurricane 8

  • Hurricane 8 is easier to penetrate and has almost no reliance on the glue.
  • The rubber surface of DHS Hurricane 8 has good stickiness, which is between Hurricane3 and Hurricane 3 NEO.
  • Hurricane 8 is tough and balanced, and the rubber surface is delicate and stable.
  • Its disadvantage is that it is not as powerful as DHS Hurricane 3.
  • The manufacturing process is more refined than that of the old mad system rubber, and the thickness is thicker.
DHS Hurricane8
Hurricane 8

Hurricane 3 vs Hurricane 3 Provincial

  • There is not much obvious difference in feel between the Provincial edition and the ordinary hurrican3.
  • The sponge selection and hardness of Provincial hurricane3 are more strict.
  • Provincial edition overall quality is better than the ordinary hurricane3.

Hurricane 3 vs Hurricane 3 Neo

  • The rubber of Hurricane3 NEO have a pre-set expansion of the sponge at the factory.
  • The rubber of Hurricane3 NEO is a common thickness of 2.15mm. It will be easier to play through than the common thickness of 2.2mm of normal hurrican3 rubber.
  • The DHS H3 NEO leaves a priming layer and uses vacuum packaging.
  • The H3 NEO still has a beautiful sense of internal energy when opened.

Hurricane 8 vs Hurricane 3

  • The overall performance of Hurricane 8 is very close to Hurricane 3.
  • Hurricane 8 is much better than Hurricane 3 in terms of feel and permeability.
  • DHS Hurricane 8 uses a high-density sponge similar to that of Hurricane3.
  • Hurricane 8 has a clearer feeling than Hurricane 3.
  • H8 is easier to penetrate and it has almost no dependence on the glue.
  • The power of H8 is not as strong as H3.
  • DHS H8 has a better touch feel with the ball and it is more forgiving, have a longer dwell time.
  • Although H8 is not as powerful as H3, the softness and toughness of the sponge combined with the sticky rubber surface is a big plus. Not have high quality but good continuous.

Hurricane 3 National vs Other H3 Edition

  • The quality of the national hurricane is the best.
  • The national edition is much softer and less dependent on the glue.
  • The control performance of national edition is stable.

Hurricane 3 Neo vs Tenergy 05/Hard

  • Price: Hurricane 3 neo is cheaper than Tenergy 05, and the price is only half of T05/Hard.
  • Stickiness: DHS H3 neo has relatively good stickiness, but Tenergy 05 has almost no.
  • Control: H3 neo has better control ability, because of it a has better stickiness.
  • Power: Both are almost the same.
  • Elasticity: T05 and T05 Hard is more flexible.
Hurricane 3 NEO vs Tenergy 05
Tenergy 05

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  1. Atorise Jeremiah

    Hurricane 8 is softer and less viscous than Hurricane 3 NEO, but it feels very clear.

  2. Vinicius Araujo de Albuquerque

    Hurricane 8 is more stable than Hurricane 3 NEO,and the loop control is well。

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