The Best Professional Ping Pong Paddle in 2022 [Buying Guide]

Table tennis paddles are available for different styles, performances, and levels of players. A good, high-quality model is essential if you look for the best ping pong paddle that plays well to your level and style. Numerous manufacturers specialize in the production of bats for table tennis. So what ping pong paddles do pros use & what is the best ping pong paddle?

The best ping pong paddle is suitable for your level and play style. For beginners, it should have high stability. For professional players, it should be able to promote the level of play and win the game.

I did some research and here is what I’ve found:

Killerspin Jet200Best selling table tennis racket in 2021
Killerspin Jet800 Best ping pong paddle for beginners under $100
Palio Master 3.0 Best ping pong paddle for spin
Palio Legend 2.0High-quality ready-made bats for spin and power from china
Palio Expert 2 Best ping pong paddle for spin and control
JOOLA Infinity EdgeHigh performance with Pro Carbon technology
JOOLA Infinity OverdriveBest table tennis racket for advanced adult players
JOOLA Infinity BalanceBest all-around ping pong paddle case
STIGA EvolutionBest ping pong paddle for defense
STIGA Pro CarbonBest intermediate ping pong paddle for speed
Nibiru Sport Ping Pong Paddle SetBest Ping Pong Paddle Set under $50 for beginners in 2021
Butterfly 401Best competition ping pong paddle for intermediate players
Butterfly ViscariaBest table tennis paddle for professional players
Butterfly Timo Boll ALCBest table tennis paddle for professional players on speed
Butterfly Zhang Jike Super ZLCBest table tennis paddle for speed and spin

But that’s just a quick glimpse.

These include blades for professionals but also rackets for beginners. If you want, you can even customize your paddle by buying the blades and rubbers separately and then pasting them by yourself. There are differences in the rubber and wood that are responsible for whether a table tennis bat is suitable for an aggressive or defensive player. Of course, there are also other differences, depending on the pricing.

In this in-depth article, we will help you to keep track of things.

After all, every model is individual and not suitable for every type of player.

Best Ping Pong Paddle
What’s the best ping pong paddle?

Table of Contents

Best Professional Ping Pong Paddle For BeginnersTop 12 Reviews

The racket is the essential equipment for the ping-pong or table tennis player, as part of their individual equipment. Choosing the right racket is getting a racket that offers a combination of ball control, speed, and grip. Below are the 12 best ping pong paddles on the market.

Best Selling Table Tennis Racket in 2021: Killerspin Jet200

The Killerspin JET200 is one of the best-selling racquets on the market for good reasons.  With layers of high-quality wood and a high-performance rubber, the racquet represents an evolution in terms of power, control, and spin. The balanced weight distribution and high-quality construction are designed to satisfy the player with a focus on precision shots and style.  

In addition to honing your skills, the Killerspin JET200’s navy blue and black rubber combination will add style and elegance to your game. It is also available in mocha and lime designs.

The high-quality table tennis paddle is designed for maximum control and precision. It’s an ultralight 5-ply wooden table tennis blade with flared handle for optimal grip. It has a Blue and Black performance combination of 1.8mm rubber and the rotation, control, and speed ​​are rated 6.0, 7.0, and 8.5.


  • Ideal bat for recreation
  • Suitable for intermediate players and beginners
  • The Killerspin comes assembled
  • Sturdy and lightweight
  • Comes with a 30-day warranty


  • Not a professional level bat


In summary, the Killerspin JET200 is a well-made paddle with good value that offers a good spin on the ball. It’s recommended for beginners to intermediate players. It’s also an entry-level paddle that can be used for recreational purposes.  

Best Ping Pong Paddle for Beginners under $100: Killerspin Jet800

As its high price suggests, the JET800 table tennis racket offers offensive performance for high-level tournaments. This racket is the choice of many High-level players, including almost all of America’s top players and Chinese gold medalist Chen Qi. The Jet 800 has a 7-ply wood blade with added layers of carbon fiber for extra durability and return power, giving it a 9.5 rating in this category.

In addition, its lightweight allows players not to give up their kickback ability, while its high quality and specially treated rubber give this racquet a good spin index.

Whether you want to dominate your basement or be the king of your ping pong club, this racket will be perfect for climbing the steps to success!


  • Suitable for pros
  • Blade composes of 7-ply composite wood
  • Unisex paddle
  • Has a large sweet spot
  • Best ping pong paddle for the money


  • Not for beginners due to price and technical requirement
  • Could be more durable for its price


If the JET800 is the more expensive racquet in our review, it’s good to know that you’ll get what you pay for. It’s a racquet that is both durable and nearly unmatched in performance.

Best Ping Pong Paddle for Spin: Palio Master 3.0

The Palio Master 3.0 table tennis bat consists of high-quality materials that ensure that the impact of the ball is well absorbed and the player can better control the rotation of the ball.

The model is suitable for beginners and amateur athletes. The handle of the table tennis bat is made of wood, is ergonomically shaped, and lies very comfortably in the hand.

The Palio Master 3.0 table tennis bat is a model for recreational players that has good speed, control, and spin values. It excels most in the spin section where it’s rated 9/10.

These properties make this racket particularly suitable for intermediate users in basic training as well as for ambitious amateurs – simply a good table tennis racket for the transition from hobby to the club. The racket is equipped with thick rubbers. In addition, it is suitable for generating rotation yourself.


  • Generates topspin
  • Competition legal paddle
  • Rubbers are ITTF approved
  • The rubbers are replaceable


  • Not enough speed and control for advanced users


The Palio Master 3.0 table tennis bat offers a balanced ratio of spin, speed, and control and is particularly suitable for players who are in control of the forward movement of beginners.

High-quality Ready-made Bats for Spin and Power from China: Palio Legend 2.0

With this table tennis bat, the popular manufacturer from China continues the series of high-quality ready-made bats that can keep up with individually manufactured products. The Legend 2 is made of an acrylic-carbon combination and has a 5 plus 2 structure (5 veneers plus 2 acrylic-carbon layers).

This makes it elastic and flexible despite the intended low vibration. This also enables very fast and aggressive hits, which are reinforced by the medium-hard Hadou rubber. The latter allows numerous rotation variations, from fast topspins to short balls, everything is possible.

The red side is for forward motion while the black side is for blocking. For beginners who need even more control over their stroke, the Palio Expert 2 is available from the same company.


  • Mostly suitable for intermediate players
  • Approved by the ITTF
  • For players looking for spin and power
  • Easy to hold paddle


  • Fairly heavy paddle


The Palio Legend 2 is suitable for experienced players who want to bring a lot of speed into their maneuvers and do not need too much control. It is a good option for the ambitious club player or competition. It especially supports aggressive attacking play.

Best Ping Pong Paddle for Spin and Control: Palio Expert 2

Even if the name Expert 2 may indicate that it’s for the High-level players, this Palio table tennis bat is particularly suitable for beginners who first have to feel their way into the right technique. Due to the exchangeable rubber covering, it can also be used later for faster play.

The slightly flared handle gives the player a good grip without restricting mobility. The blade is provided with a very soft rubber coating (CJ 8000), which is also popular with advanced users, as it allows a lot of spins. The newcomer to table tennis gets a feeling for the correct ball technique. With a maximum of 10/10 for control, it offers the best conditions for a safe game. A high-quality case is included, which is another plus.


  • Comes with a good-quality case
  • Perfect paddle for beginners
  • Good control and feel
  • Ideal for defensive players


  • Slow speed doesn’t make it great for advanced players


The Palio Expert 2 racket is not necessarily “low budget”, especially for beginners, but you get a solid product. This is particularly important in the learning phase if you don’t want to save in the wrong place. If that’s still too much for you, you could fall back on the Killerspin JET200, which is also an option for purely casual players.

High Performance with Pro Carbon Technology Racket: JOOLA Infinity Edge

The JOOLA Infinity Edge is a paddle designed for speed. It’s a tournament performance ping pong paddle with Pro Carbon technology. Composed of 7 plywood layers and carbon, the racket is ideal for advanced training. The ply layers include hinoki wood for fast-hitting, koto, for a quick counter-attack, and ayous for accurate control.  

The carbon also gives the racket more stability. The incorporated carbon has a vibration-damping effect. If the player hits the ball, the JOOLA tennis racket does not vibrate as strongly. Thanks to its properties, the JOOLA model is suitable for offensive players who like attacking at high speed.

The two carbon veneers ensure even better control of the table tennis bat. The bat, therefore, accepts less speed and less hardness in the strokes with the softwood.


  • 95% spin rating
  • Ideal for speedy play style
  • Consists of real woods
  • Easy to hold


  • Only for training; Not ITTF approved


The JOOLA Infinity Edge is a 7-ply layer paddle with various types of wood plies and carbon materials. It is the fastest hitting paddle and has the sweetest spot in the Infinity range from Joola. It excels most in the speed and spin area.

Best Table Tennis Racket for Advanced Adult Players: JOOLA Infinity Overdrive

The Infinity Overdrive is made for advanced adult players. Two layers of carbon-kevlar fibers are incorporated into the blade. Carbon is a material that is known for its particularly high stability at a very low weight. In addition to motorsport or medical implants, carbon is also used in sports equipment to save weight and give the equipment more stability.

With the JOOLA table tennis racket, the manufacturer was concerned about the weight, as the racket with its weight of 0.28 kilograms is one of the most lightweight tennis rackets in the JOOLA catalog. It has the fastest hitting and spins in the Infinity range.

Table tennis bats with a lot of spin like this are however not suitable for beginners? The term “spin” means the rotation of the ball. With a non-slip surface, it is easier for a beginner to bring a rotation into the ball.


  • 100% speed and 99% spin rating
  • ITTF regulation size
  • Large sweet spot
  • Flared handle for ease of holding


  • Rubber could be of better quality


The JOOLA Infinity Overdrive is a paddle that is targeted at adults, advanced players, and offensive players. It’s a fast-spinning and hitting paddle with a lot of speed.

Best All-around Ping Pong Paddle Case: JOOLA Infinity Balance

Designed according to the rules of the art, its structure is made of 7 plies of bayous wood slats from West Africa and coated with a layer of professional quality carbon and rubber.

As for the handle, it has two folds. This is all to ensure that the racquet lasts over time, no matter what style of play you play or how long you spend on it. Comfortable, the cut of the handle is flared. The presence of the carbon layer will prevent any friction and will promote the absorption of perspiration. Practical, the purchase of this racket includes a storage pouch with a level of finish that is up to the quality of its content.    


  • Lightweight paddle
  • Perfect for quick counterattacks
  • High-performance ratings
  • Ideal for High-level players
  • Also good for beginners


  • Not so durable


The JOOLA Infinity racket is perfect for high-level players who need to make quick counterattacks. While some models require some adaptation time, this racquet is immediately easy to learn. From an aesthetic point of view, this racquet has it all. All the details and the patterns it incorporates make it a very good piece of equipment.

Best Ping Pong Paddle for Defense Player: STIGA Evolution

With the Stiga Evolution, you can generate enough spin and speed to keep control of the game and keep your opponent on their toes. The construction of this STIGA racket is as reliable as its performance.  It has a 6-ply, light wood, and coverings with a 2 mm sponge thickness.  

The surface of the wood is constructed with nano-composite technology, which enables the racket to play the ball back with more speed and spin thanks to the tight connections in the rubbers.

The concave racket grip is unique as it is equipped with a Shock Dispersion Tube (SDT), which absorbs the vibrations upon ball contact and dissipates it through the tube to the end of the grip.  This leads to a smoother feel for the player.


  • Perfect for defensive
  • Decent spin
  • Formidable control
  • Made of premium rubber


  • Too lightweight for attackers


The Stiga Evolution is an inexpensive, well-made table tennis bat. It is a good choice for anyone who is aiming for a defensive game and still wants to enjoy moderate ball control.

Best Intermediate Ping Pong Paddle for Speed: STIGA Pro Carbon

The Stiga Pro Carbon uses a 7-ply blade, two of these plies of which are carbon fiber. This makes the racket drive stiffer on kickbacks and reduces its weight. Despite this, the Pro Carbon delivers a high-level spin, scoring a rating of 10, which is impressive for a racquet as light as this. In addition, this blade gives a speed of 9.9 which makes it a great choice for those who want a more offensive game.

What is impressive about the Pro Carbon racquet is that it offers a professional quality of play at almost a quarter the price of a professional caliber paddle.

Unfortunately, much of this quality tends to be lost as the rubber degrades. But most users have reported that the speed has remained.


  • Exceptional speed
  • Replaceable rubber
  • Decent spin
  • High-tech rubber


  • Some packaging issues
  • Heavy handle takes a while getting used to
  • The rubber could be more durable


We are looking at a model made for the intermediate-level player from Stiga. The design of the Stiga Pro Carbon is known for more sophisticated models of high-end racquets, but their products are priced more closely to that of the upper mid-range. This remains a fairly reasonable investment for a player who takes his game seriously.

Best Ping Pong Paddle Set under $50 for Beginners in 2021: Nibiru Sport Ping Pong Paddle Set

For the price of most single paddles on the market, the Nibiru ART-20 is a set of four table tennis rackets and eight balls that comes with a storage case. This Ping Pong Set is the best table tennis racket set under $50.

It’s a competition paddle with a flared handle that will fit most palm sizes. The paddle has a durable rubber that will not peel off. It’s a spongy layer inverted rubber that offers tremendous spin. Each paddle is composed of 5 layers of high-quality wood that is resistant to crack. The handles are well-built, safe, and will not splinter. All the layers of the blade are glued with reliable blue. There are no fishy odors from the rubber.

The handles are sweatproof and will make your palms clean. The balls included in the set are true flight balls, guaranteed to not go dented. They are of regulation size and weight. These paddles are however for recreational sports.


  • Features a storage case
  • Four paddles included
  • Also comes with 8 dent-free balls
  • Good value ping pong paddle for money


  • Only for recreational sport
  • Low control, speed, and spin


The Nibiru product is a complete set of table tennis accessories. It may not be a competition or professional grade type of paddle set, however, it’s perfect for recreational use among friends and colleagues.

Best Competition Ping Pong Paddle for Intermediate Players: Butterfly 401

The Butterfly 401 ping-pong racket is a tournament paddle that is made for players who always want to win. It is first of all a ping-pong racket with a shakehand flared handle. This kind of table tennis handle is highly regarded for its standardization. It’s ideal for professionals. Even if you are a beginner in the sport or just want to have fun, then this racket is for you.

It also has a high-quality blade to give you better ball hitting. It has a shakehand style of grip that will allow you to have a better grip as well as a better feeling of touching the ball during your training or your match.


  • Comes with a full case
  • Mostly suitable for beginners and intermediate players
  • Small, maneuverable size
  • Good control and spin
  • Inexpensive paddle


  • Too rounded out


Butterfly 401 paddle adapts to all types of players, whether you are a tournament player, an amateur, or a regular at the game. The handle will allow you to feel at ease, whatever your body type. The grip of this model guarantees you a good feeling of control every time you return the ball.

Best Table Tennis Blades for Professionals: Top 3

Should you want to build your paddle yourself (customize the rubber and choose your blade type), some of the best table tennis blades on the market to use are the following:

Best Table Tennis Paddle for Professional Players: Viscaria

The Butterfly Viscaria is the king of popular classics! This is the hottest ball board structure today. Many professional players who play regularly are familiar with it. It composes of arylate fibers for lightness and carbon fiber for elasticity. It is one of the best ping pong paddles in the world.

This classic ball board structure has been born more than 20 years ago. With the endorsement of many professional international players in table tennis sports, it has reached an amazing coverage rate in both professional and amateur circles. It has a speed rating of 90 and a control of 88. All are quite satisfactory and well-balanced. It is therefore ideal for you if you are an intermediate or advanced player. It’s not a beginner-friendly blade, however.

butterfly viscaria

Best Table Tennis Paddle for Professional Players on Speed: Timo Boll ALC

TIMO BOLL ALC is a five-layer wood board that is suitable for offensive players. It’s composed of wood + carbon + fiber and has a thickness of 5.8mm and ball control of 87 and a speed of 89. It has the perfect combination of elasticity and control, huge elasticity, and extremely fast speed when drawing a circle or attacking the ball.

Timo Boll ALC is an improvement of Timo Boll Spirit. The carbon content is higher, the board is stiffer but it is quicker and more difficult to control. The touch is medium-hard.

The speed of this blade is a little bit slower than the more violent general carbon in the Butterfly soleplate. But the suddenness of the attack and the “low arc” forward momentum are outstanding! It is all so good whether it’s an in-stage challenge or a fast break near the middle stage!

Timo Boll
Timo Boll

Best Table Tennis Paddle for Speed and Spin: Zhang Jike Super ZLC

Butterfly Zhang Jike Super ZLC is also commonly known as “Super Zhang.” It came into production after Zhang Jike won the Grand Slam a few years ago, and he was unparalleled in the limelight! Butterfly uses this opportunity to launch the Zhang Jike series, Zhang Jike super ZLC, ZLC, ALC, and other high-end blades. As one of the most offensive boards from Zhang Jike Super ZLC, you can see the ultimate in product development and enthusiasm for the board! Overall, Zhang Jike’s super ZLC is an almost perfect offensive board with high performance!

Super Zhang has a large sweet spot area. The Ping Pong Paddle is better for beginners and intermediate players. The percussion sound and the pitch are pretty high than the sound of the BOLL ALC.

It is the most expensive ping pong paddle in the normal version of the Butterfly brand.

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How to Choose The above Best Paddles?

We’ve seen the best ping pong paddles from the leading manufacturers on the market. However, in the list of products are similar models from the same brands. Here, we compare similar products from the same line so you can know better how to choose.

Best Killerspin Ping Pong Racket : JET200 vs Jet800

The Killerspin JET200 racket comes with a 5-layer wood blade that offers a great balance of power and spin. It uses a type of wood that is light and smooth, but very rigid.

However, the Killerspin JET800 has a 7-layer blade that is ideal for High-level players. Meanwhile, the additional layers of carbon fiber in the JET800 provide more consistent and powerful attacks.

You just need a good ping pong table and that’s it. The JET800 is an all-around paddle while the JET200 is for recreational players and beginners.

Best Palio Ping Pong Paddle : Master 3.0 vs Legend 2.0 vs Expert 2

In this battle of the Master, Legend, and the Expert, there isn’t a definite winner. They’re just designed for different levels of players and play styles. Expert 2 has a higher control rating, is ideal for beginners.

Meanwhile, if you are an advanced table tennis player, the Legend 2.0 would be suitable for you because its speed rating has been well improved.

So, it’s for aggressive offensive players. The Palio Master 3.0 however is for intermediate players that want to try counterattack playstyles. It’s not difficult to use and you can use this for making powerful strikes.

Best JOOLA Ping Pong Racket: Infinity Edge vs Infinity Overdrive vs Infinity Balance

In the battle of the Infinities, the Overdrive, as its name suggests, would be for the most advanced offensive players looking for a fast paddle. It has a 100% speed rating, a spin rating of 99%, and a control rating of 92. It has the fastest hitting and spin in the range and is perhaps the most advanced paddle.

Meanwhile, the Infinity Edge comes next in terms of playing level. It’s not as fast as Overdrive but it’s rated 95 in this aspect. It has a Driver 42 rubber that not just offers fast-hitting but a very large sweet spot.

Finally, the Infinity Balance is as its name suggests is for the balanced type of player (or call it an all-rounder). The speed, spin, and control are rated 92 each. It’s for beginner to intermediate users who can already make quick counterattacks.

STIGA Evolution vs STIGA Pro Carbon vs Butterfly 401

The similarity with these three models is that they are tournament-grade paddles. First, the Butterfly 401 is a racket for competition players. It’s ITTF approved but suitable for all styles and levels of players.

The Stiga Pro Carbon is also approved by the ITTF, has a better spin rating of 100 and speed of 90. But it lacks control.

The Stiga Evolution has better control than the Pro Carbon. It’s rated 90, the speed is on the high side too, while it’s also approved for tournament use by the ITTF.

How to Choose A Best Table Tennis Paddle?

Your Playing Style and Level

The type of player determines which paddle suits you. What’s your playing style, and what is your experience level?

Playing style

A fundamental distinction is made between a defensive player and an attacking player. Those who play aggressively need a fast table tennis bat, whereas a defensive player needs a bat with a lot of spin and control.

  • Versatile offensive player: The versatile, offensive player is characterized by a very varied style. His playstyle is based on different top spins and counter spins. In doing so, he forces his opponents to make mistakes. The versatile offensive player is known for having mastered the game to the core with the rotation. He prefers fast and medium-fast hits.
  • Offensive and aggressive player: An offensive and aggressive player usually plays at high speed from a short distance from the table with hard top spins. He is characterized by a great deal of initiative and would like to dictate the game, whether push, drive or loop stroke. He also acts with quick and short strokes. This player is known for taking every chance to play spins and counter-spins as close as possible to the table tennis table.
  • All-round player: The all-round player uses all offensive striking techniques, but he prefers low risk both serve and return. However, if the chance presents itself, he will also bring well-placed and high-rotation top spins. Meanwhile, he is just as good at countering or if you like to block. Easily controllable woods are perfect for him. The coverings have a sponge thickness between 1.5 and 2.1 mm.
  • Defensive player: A defensive player avoids making mistakes and plays undercut defensive strokes from half to long distances from the table tennis table. He tries to provoke the attacker and thereby benefits from the mistakes. This disrupts the flow of the game for the opposing player. For this type of player, table tennis bat rubber with long knobs on the outside and thin spin rubbers on the inside is recommended.

Experience level

Are you a beginner or a professional? You need pretty different types of paddles.

  • Ready-made commercial rackets are for starters: Commercial rackets can be bought cheaply and are sometimes sold in pairs or in packages that include ping pong balls. But they are usually more tailored to the needs of recreational players and beginners who don’t know how to play table tennis yet.
  • Professionals often select and paste their custom materials: More experienced players often choose the materials used to build their racquets to refine their performance. You can build your ideal racket by selecting and assembling each part individually. Other materials used in ping pong rackets include carbon fibers, which increase the strength of the racket and give it an extra punch. Compressed papers are also used to reduce the weight of the racket.

Type of Grips

There are quite a few grip styles, so many players choose the most suitable blade for their dominant technique. When thinking about grip techniques, shakehand and penhold styles usually come to mind. But other grips are being used a lot lately.

  • Shakehand: The most common grip style is the shakehand grip, which is held similarly to a handshake. It can vary depending on where your thumb rests (either on the rubber or on the blade).
  • Penhold: It is an advanced grip that comprises three main variations (Japanese, reverse, and Chinese). This grip simulates the posture but presents some difficulties while making a backhand push or loop.
  • V-Grip: With this, you use your index finger together with your thumb to go around the V-shaped blade. This is a difficult grip to get with a normal paddle. Players looking to be dominant in the spin technique often lean towards this style of play.
  • Seemiller: Dan Seemiller, a former world champion, popularized this technique. Closely related to the handshake, the seemiller uses the index finger to secure the racket by the outer edge. Those who use this grip excel at their forehand game, but the seemiller sometimes fails at the backhand game.

Material and Performance

Material and layers

Ping pong rackets are usually made of wood, but official ITTF regulations allow them also to contain a small percentage of another material, such as carbon fiber. To be a standard competition racket, the blade must be composed of at least 85% wood, and the additional materials must be less than 7.5% of the total thickness.

The paddles usually have five or more thin layers of wood or other material. The 5- and 7-ply paddles are the most common on the market, and the mix of soft and hardwoods and other composite materials help create the performance of a paddle.

The main difference between carbon and wood is predictability. Wood is a natural material, and therefore it is not uniform in nature. Although all blades must be made of at least 85% wood, the small percentage of carbon fiber will add a little more predictability to the blade.

Speed, spin, and control

Ping pong is a game that stimulates coordination and increases concentration. It requires speed, so your mind will be exercised as you devise strategies and tactics.

Also, ping pong is one of the fastest racket sports, so it requires an even faster response than tennis or badminton. The heart will be exercised by executing various movements of the upper body, so the reflexes improve.

On the other hand, the design of a racket will give more or less control over the ball. Typically, there is a trade-off between control, spin, and speed – the more control you have, the less speed and spin you can create. A beginner should seek a high degree of control, then improve speed and spin.

Blade, Rubber and Sponge

Paddle weight

Another factor to consider when purchasing a ping pong racket is the weight of the blade. More or less agility and lightness during use will depend on it.

The lightest table tennis rackets are intended for beginner players who do not yet have a lot of experience using table tennis rackets.

Meanwhile, the heavier blades are aimed at professional players. They are for those who are already more accustomed to using ping-pong rackets and know what effect they need to give with each movement to achieve the desired power.

Rubber density

The side of the blade that is used to make contact with the ball must be evenly covered with rubber. A single layer of non-cellular rubber can be natural or synthetic, with evenly distributed peaks, with a density between 10 and 30 per square centimeter.

The sheets may have a single layer of cellular rubber covered with a single outer layer of rubber with a thickness of less than 2 mm. The thickness and density of this layer of rubber affect the speed of the ball.

Rackets can have two different rubber liners on each side of the blade, or they can have the same front and back.

Sponge thickness

In addition to the rubber’s type, softness, and texture, you can choose how thick you want the sponge to be. Consider how thick you want the rubber sponge to be. Decide if you will play better with a thicker or thinner sponge. The sponge sits under the outer surface of the rubber to absorb shock and offer grip and control. The speed with which the ball can be returned also changes. Thicker sponges make the racket heavier and denser, allowing you to hit the racket with more speed. The thin layers of sponge, on the other hand, provide sensitivity and allow you to slow down a bit.

Paddle Ratings

Ping pong paddles have a rating system. However, there is no official standard for rating these products. So, it’s not possible to accurately compare the paddle performance by just looking at the ratings. For example, the criteria such as speed, control, and spin are scored out of 100. But these ratings are exaggerated and not objective. So, it’s often better to look at other features such as the blade composition, rubber thickness, and more.


What is the best ping pong paddle brand?

Good brands of table tennis paddles include Stiga, Butterfly, Nittaku, Joola, Tibhar, and more.

  • Stiga: Stiga has been making items for table tennis since 1917. The Swedish company is one of the most important supporters of table tennis in the Scandinavian country and has also found many fans outside of Scandinavia. The high-quality paddle blades and rubbers from Stiga ensure an ambitious and precise game. The models are divided into different series that suit every playing style.
  • Butterfly: Under the Butterfly brand, the Japanese manufacturer Tamasu offers a wide range of rubbers and beaters enhanced with synthetic fibers and carbon. International stars like Timo Boll and Ai Fukuhara play with table tennis bats from the traditional company. The company is one of the innovation leaders in table tennis. For beginners, the wide range of Butterfly products can be a bit confusing, but the manufacturer also offers telephone material advice in the service area and has table tennis bats for beginners in its range.
  • Joola: The German company Joola was founded in 1952 and the early years switched to the manufacture of table tennis tables. Today, table tennis bats, balls, tables, and clothing items for table tennis are also in the provider’s portfolio. Joola developed new processes for its rubbers which, through an innovative arrangement of the pimples and a high-friction surface, ensure that the ball adheres well and that it is more fun to play. The provider also has table tennis bats for children on offer. Joola Profi also offers models such as the Joola Carbon Pro with ITTF approval.
  • Nittaku: The Japanese manufacturer Nittaku produces table tennis bats for offensive and defensive players. The company also has sticks and rubbers for players of all skill levels, including professionals. Nittaku also offers a wide range of accessories for table tennis.

Best Ping Pong Paddles FAQs

What are the different parts of a table tennis racket?

A paddle consists of three parts. The part used to strike is called the “racquet head”. In table tennis, it is made of varnished wood, covered with a rubber coating. Between the coating and the wood, it is common to have a thickness of the synthetic foam. There is also the heart of the racquet that connects the handle and the head. The handle is the part with which you hold the racquet; it can be covered with a “grip” adhesive tape, which improves grip and absorbs shocks.

Why is the table tennis racket red and black?

A ping-pong racket is usually decked out in red and black on both sides. The choice of these two colors relates mainly to offensive and defensive techniques. The ITTF added the color rule so that opponents can tell which side you are using and anticipate speed and spin.

What is the best table tennis paddle?

Even the most expensive table tennis racket from Joola or other well-known brands is of no use to you if the racket does not suit your playing behavior and experience. Therefore, the first step is for you to analyze what style of play you are pursuing. It is also essential to choose whether you are looking for a table tennis bat for professionals or rather for beginners.

How much table tennis racket?

Prices usually vary a lot. It all depends on your expectations and the use you want to give it. It is possible to find cheaper rackets that are around $10 to 20 if you want them for your children to play or if you are going to use them infrequently. But if not, it is better to invest in a better quality model. Premium-quality models can cost anywhere between $50 to $80. Some even cost more than $100.

Are expensive ping pong paddles worth it?

Good ping pong paddles are generally more expensive; They have good stability and can effectively help you improve your table tennis skills. In addition to that, it offers durability and flexibility compared to cheap table tennis rackets. Premium table tennis rackets use premium materials and the latest technology.

Which is better Stiga or Butterfly?

Butterfly makes the highest quality blades these days, and they are generally more expensive than Stiga’s paddles. There is no problem with the Stiga blade and a better price/performance ratio than the Butterfly. It often depends on your budget.

Do table tennis bats make a difference?

A high-quality ping pong racket will have a more prominent sweet spot, which will make it easier to get the ball over the net and onto the opponent’s table. They will also help you control the ball and give you more energy and impact as you learn the basics of table tennis.

How long do ping pong paddles last?

If you play 1-2 times a week and are careful enough to avoid bumps, it can last at least 5 years. It can last 1-2 years if you play every day.

Care and Maintenance

Ping pong paddles need a little care in cleaning and storage because the surface is made of rubber. Ping pong rubber degrades over time and has a surface texture that can be easily damaged. Taking care and maintaining a racket involves storing after use, keeping the paddle protected and cleaned.

How to clean a table tennis racket

When cleaning your ping pong rackets, keep the following tips in mind. Do not use abrasive detergents to clean the rubber. You should also avoid bleach and vinegar.

I usually use this Butterfly Butterfly Table Tennis Racket Care Kit, which contains 1 Ping Pong Paddle Cleaner + 1 Table Tennis Rubber Cleaner Sponge and is very good value for money.

Always use a soft cloth or a soft bristle brush without scrubbing hard. You can use cold or warm water to clean a ping pong paddle.

Ping Pong Paddle Case Protector

The racket protector is the best option if you need to protect the paddle and keep the blade for long. They are used after cleaning the racket and when you’re ready to keep it.

We recommend the STIGA Table Tennis Racket Cover, it has more space to protect 1-2 Ping Pong Paddles and it is very durable.

Conclusion: What’s the best ping pong paddle?

There is no overall best ping pong paddle on the market. Each type of player has a different style of play and level of experience. These only can determine your paddle choice, which you’d find out which is yours in our review and guide.

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