10 Best Ping Pong Nets and Posts in 2023

Ping-pong nets are standard accessories for table tennis. But there won’t be any major differences with most of the ones you see – at least that’s what most people think… 

But, far from it! There is an amazingly diverse selection of ping pong nets and posts on the market made by well-known brands such as Joola, Butterfly, Stiga, Adidas, and the less popular brands. 

These brands are well represented by their products and they have nets for every table in their range. This makes the seemingly simple task of buying a table tennis net a bit uneasy. 

In our review and buying guide, we will show you what to look out for to buy the best table tennis net, the different types of nets regarding their designs and materials, and how the prices ultimately relate. 

Find out more and you’ll be able to decide which is the best for your requirements and needs.

So, let’s jump in!

Top 10 Best Ping Pong Nets Reviews

1. NIBIRU SPORT Ping Pong Set With Net

The NIBIRU table tennis kit is a high-quality complete set that includes four ping pong bats, six table tennis balls, a retractable net with poles, as well as a convenient carrying case so you can have your kit organized or take the kit with you on the go.

Each racket features five layers of crack-resistant wooden handles that are designed not to splinter. Its flared handle will fit smoothly in the palm, allowing for a great grip. It is also sweat-resistant, keeping your hands dry and clean.

The net isn’t the central feature of this product but it is easy to use, portable and retractable. Its retractability means you can have it tucked in your tennis bag, take it everywhere you go, use it anywhere, and start a ping pong game in minutes.

Key Features:

  • Retractable net
  • Red and black table tennis rackets
  • Table tennis balls
  • Storage Case

2. PRO-SPIN All-in-One Ping Pong Set

The Pro-Spin ping pong set is another table tennis kit that includes ping pong balls, paddles, nets, and posts that are designed for any table. You can set up a ping-pong game in seconds at your office desk, dining room table, or outdoor table with this set. It features a retractable net that fits any type of table that is up to 72 inches wide and 2 inches thick.

The durable pack is ideal for indoor and outdoor play and comes in a high-quality storage case for portability. This premium ping pong set comes with a retractable net and professional quality table tennis bats and balls which you will be proud of. The pack includes two bats, three ping pong balls, and one retractable net for instant fun.

Key Features:

  • Table tennis set for two players 
  • Retractable net
  • 3-star balls
  • Storage case

3. Comesee Kioos Collapsible Professional Ping Pong Net

The ComeSee Kioos collapsible table tennis net is a professional quality ping pong net with a post made of high-strength steel. The clip grip mesh net is ideal for competition or training. It’s portable and has a tension-adjustable pole. 

The net measures 72 inches and is made of a premium cotton blend. The tournament-level net and pole set is easy to install and remove with a spring-activated clip.

It has a tension adjustment and a height-measuring tool for training or regulation matches. It will fit regulation-size tennis tables (that are 60 inches wide) with a table thickness of 1.5 inches maximum. The product comes with a 12 months warranty and there’s always a friendly customer service for whatever inquiries you need.

Key Features:

  • Collapsible clip on net
  • Made of steel
  • 72 inches net
  • Premium cotton blend net
  • High-strength steel post

4. JOOLA Retractable Ping Pong Net

JOOLA’s extendable and portable table tennis net set is the ultimate choice for recreational ping pong players. This set which consists of a great ping pong net with clamps is easy to assemble, easy to use, and has a compact design, making it perfect for buyers who want to take their table tennis game with them wherever they go.

To keep the mesh in place, two movable clip fasteners will hold the entire installation in place. These can be attached to any flat surface including dining tables, surfboards, picnic tables, and anything else you can think of. The net fits tables and surfaces up to 2″ thick and extends up to 5.75 feet, making it suitable for oversized ping pong tables.


Thanks to the versatility of this instant table tennis net, any surface becomes a table tennis surface. It’s not the most stable of course, but it’s more than adequate for recreational and casual players.

Key Features:

  • For tables up to 2 inches thick
  • 2 hard rackets
  • 3 one-star balls
  • Protective rubber pad
  • For tables up to 5.75 feet wide
  • Spring clamp net system

5. JOOLA Snapper Table Tennis Clamp Net

The Joola metal and solid plastic table tennis net sets are equipped with a sturdy net and a practical height adjustment screw. Like all Joola table tennis net sets, the product comes with a handy storage bag.

The professional table tennis net is high-quality accessory that are in no way inferior to Joola’s table tennis tables and rackets in terms of quality and durability. In addition, they are characterized by excellent tension. The net is ideal for professionals who are planning an exciting game outdoors or at your premises with friends and family. 

JOOLA Snapper Table Tennis Clamp Net

The kit includes a professional table tennis net and metal mounting hardware. Also included is a clamping technique. The Joola Snapper table tennis net is suitable as an accessory for all table tennis tables.

Key Features:

  • Includes a carrying case
  • 72-inch ITTF regulation size net
  • Spring-activated clamp net
  • Premium cotton blend net

6. JOOLA Premium Avanti Ping Pong Net and Post Set

We have to admit that JOOLA is one of the best manufacturers of table tennis nets and offers a huge range of table tennis nets of every quality.

Interestingly, even some of their most affordable net sets offer high quality and are of ITTF regulation sizes, making them perfect for tournaments of all levels.

The JOOLA World Cup table tennis net set is suitable for tables up to 1.5 inches thick where it is installed by attaching two solid collapsible metal posts and the net.

JOOLA Premium Avanti Table Tennis Net and Post Set

The net length is ITTF compliant, measuring 72 inches and the net height is 6 inches. Needless to say, both the height and tension are adjustable, and what we liked most is the rubber-padded underside of the uprights, which provides ultimate support and grips the table just enough tightly to keep the net hanging throughout the ping pong game remains very stable.

Key features:

  • Height adjustment screw 
  • Tightening clamps 
  • Protective rubber pad for stability 
  • Joola premium cotton blend reinforced net 
  • For 60″ regulation tables

7. JOOLA Easy Competition Table Tennis Net and Post Set

The Easy Competition Net and Post is an inexpensive table tennis net from the brand manufacturer JOOLA. It’s a set with a heavy-duty metal post and a height adjuster using screw technology.

The post has a stable metal body and screw technology for stability. It’s easy to set up and use. It’s a regulation-size table tennis net.

Measuring 72 inches in width, you can have it installed on standard tables with a width of up to 60 inches. 

In addition, both the height and tension are adjustable, the underside is also rubber-padded, which provides ultimate support and grips the table just enough tightly to keep the net stable.

JOOLA Easy Competition Table Tennis Net and Post Set

Key Features:

  • Clamp-on net 
  • 72 inches wide 
  • Stable metal body
  • Screw technology
  • For 1.5 inches thick tables

8. JOOLA Outdoor Weatherproof Ping Pong Net and Post Set

If you want to play ping pong like a champion at a very affordable price, JOOLA will surprise you with its perfect outdoor net and weatherproof post set.

The net and post set is designed for outdoor use and is therefore made with special materials and fabrics that withstand the weather making this complete net and post set weatherproof. It’s nice to know that you can leave this net attached to your table even when you’re not playing without having to worry about the elements.

The complete net is made of nylon material in combination with plastic posts. The net length is 72 inches and the height is 6 inches, which allows the net to fit any standard size table. The net tension is also adjustable.

JOOLA Outdoor Weatherproof Table Tennis Net and Post Set

Key Features:

  • 72″ Regulation Size
  • Screw-on clamp-on net
  • Net tensioner
  • Two durable plastic posts
  • Nylon mesh net

9. STIGA Premium Clipper Table Tennis Net and Post Set

The STIGA Premium Clipper Net Set is a tournament-level clip on net and post set that can be easily attached and removed from your table. Featuring a 66-inch premium cotton net, posts made of steel, and a net tension adjustment, the net offers exceptional comfort and playability. 

The cotton blend netting stretches for superior tension, but won’t break under pressure. With the tensioner adjustment system, a rope runs through the net at the top and connects at both ends to a chain that hooks to the pole for perfect, long-lasting tension.  

STIGA Premium Clipper 72” Regulation Table Tennis Net and Post Set

The rubber padding in the clip protects the table from getting scratched and firmly holds the table. The net and post complies with USATT regulations and standards for tournament-level table tennis.

Key Features:

  • 72-inch premium cotton blend nets
  • Heavy-duty steel post
  • Spring-activated clip
  • Accurate tension gauge
  • Fits regulation size tables (60 inches wide)

10. Butterfly Indoor Ping Pong Net and Post Set

The Butterfly clip on net and post is an indoor set that is easy to set up and made of high quality and extremely durable materials. In addition, the height and tension of the net can be adjusted. It is a professional net set with strong steel net posts coated with plastic. In addition, a spring device allows for easy mounting.

Built-in rubber elements in the clamping device protect the table tennis table when it’s being gripped while ensuring stability. However, the net is not suitable for thick table tennis tables as the maximum clamping opening does not allow it. Also, the net and post are not suitable for outdoor use.

Butterfly Indoor Ping Pong Net and Post Set

Key Features:

  • Standard size
  • Designed for indoor use
  • Clip-style posts
  • Rubber padding in the clip

What Is Table Tennis Net and Post?

A net and post is a table tennis accessory used for dividing the table in equal half. The net and post usually consists of a mesh that can be made of nylon or cotton blend. They also consist of suspension, supporting posts, and clamps or clips that attach the net and post to the table. 

The table tennis net for the table can be easily mounted on a conventional table and can be used anywhere.

Asides from a tennis table, you can use the table tennis net on an office desk, a dining table, or even a stone slab. Stone slabs are often found in public facilities such as parks or sports facilities. Everyone can stretch their table tennis net there – and the game can begin.

According to official specifications, a table tennis net must have a height of 6 inches. The standard width is 72 inches and must be wider than that of the table tennis table, usually 60 inches.

If you’re going to be using the net for an outdoor table tennis table, the table tennis net must also be weatherproof. In this case, a metal table tennis net has the optimal properties to withstand wind and weather.

What material is a ping pong table made of?

You can find on the market table tennis nets made of cotton or synthetic fibers such as polyethylene or nylon in stores.

The synthetic fiber models have the advantage of being weatherproof, making them perfect for playing outside on an outdoor table tennis table. 

The posts are often made of steel. To qualify as weatherproof, the posts must be made of durable plastic which will not rust or corrode. 

What is the standard size of a table tennis net?

True to the rules, the table tennis nets must be 6 inches high. The net set should also have a total length of 72 inches, which exceeds the prescribed width of 60 inches for the table tennis table. 

Tip: The table tennis net should or must extend 6 inches over the edge of the table on both sides.

What Colors are Ping Pong Nets?

There are rules governing the colors of each accessory in the sport. As for the color of the net, the ITTF stipulates that it must have a white stripe on the top edge and should not be wider than 15 mm. The mesh can be dark green, blue, dark, or black.

What is the use of post in table tennis?

The posts are like the pillars keeping the nets stretched out across the table. Without the posts, the nets, which are often made of a flexible, transparent mesh, will not be able to stand. They often come with a screw-on clip-on or clip for keeping the posts and net upright and stable. 

Do ping pong tables come with nets?

Many new great ping pong nets come with nets and posts. However, they may not be of the quality or design you want. Also, the table often outlasts the net. So, at some point, you may need to get replacement nets. 

Types of Ping Pong Nets

1. Retractable table tennis net

Usually the cheapest and poorest quality type of net, the retractable ping pong nets are ideal if you are on a very tight budget. They are roll-up nets that can be extended up to 2 meters. Two cylinders that act as net posts connect via the net itself, which retracts into one of the posts for easy storage. A trigger mechanism allows the net to be pulled out for setup, and a similar mechanism retracts the net into one of the cylinders for easy storage.


  • Very inexpensive
  • Portable and don’t need much adjustment
  • Can be set up quickly


  • Wide posts that can impede play
  • Not suitable for professional use

2. Clip-on table tennis net

This type usually comes with an inexpensive table tennis table. It is adequate for recreational players but is also used by professionals.

These nets have a clamp system used for attaching the net posts onto the table. Also, they are incredibly easy to assemble. They don’t have the same height and tension adjustment options as screw nets, but at least the tension of the net can usually be adjusted.


  • Very quick assembly and disassembly
  • Adjustment options for the tension
  • Sufficiently stable


  • Moves when bumped

3. Clamp and Screw Net and Posts

If you value quality and optimal playing feel, you should opt for a net and post set with clamp and screw connections. This type of net is used in official tournaments, clubs, and schools.

The posts are attached to the table by firmly clamping them to the surface and then screwing them down to keep them from moving during play. They usually come with height and tension adjusters, which are required for official matches. 


  • Adjustable height and tension
  • Very stable
  • Can hold table halves together
  • Tight and ensures good gameplay


  • Setup takes a little longer
  • Expensive

How Do I Choose The Right Ping Pong Net?

1. Ease of assembly

If you’re not looking for a net and post set for competitions, then quick and easy assembly is a criterion that should be high on your list. The retractable nets are the easiest to assemble, then comes the clip-on models. 

2. Tension adjustment

If the ball hits the net and it’s not tight, it can result in the ball rolling over the net and giving the opponent no chance to return it. To avoid this, you need to adjust the tension of the grid correctly. There are often features on some posts that allow this. 

3. Height leveling

Height leveling features are an essential part of the net, especially if you plan on using the table for tournaments. Nets without height leveling are not bad for hobby ping pong players regardless.

4. Weather repellent materials

 A table tennis net has to endure a lot in the long run. For indoor use, it should be made of cotton, as this does not wear out and can be stretched easily. A robust synthetic fiber that is weatherproof and washable is particularly suitable for outdoor use. Plastic posts and nylon mesh nets are water-repellent and perform well outdoors.

5. Playing intent

What kind of player are you? Do you prefer the hobby of table tennis? Are you training for your first tournament? Or are you a full pro? Knowing your level of play will provide insight into which net best suits your needs.

6. Budget

The different types of nets cover a very wide range of prices. So before you buy, think about how much you’re willing to pay for a net to narrow down your choices. Unlike other table tennis essentials, price does not necessarily dictate quality.

Sometimes nets and posts designed for hobby use are cheaper because they are not designed according to ITTF regulations, despite being highly durable.

7. Sturdiness

One of the most important qualities that the net should have is sturdiness. Since a net and post constantly shaky on the table can be disruptive during play, you should therefore ensure that you have chosen a sturdy, stable, and reliable net.

The metal nets are stable and firmly connected to the table, so they cannot be damaged or stolen. They have optimal dimensions and do not have to be stretched. Therefore, they are often used for panels that are placed in public. 

Which ping pong net and post should I choose?

The more a hobby develops into a regular leisure event, the greater the will of the athlete to step by step acquire high-quality equipment, including a professional-level ping-pong net. With regard to hobby and professional players, there are usually different expectations of a perfect table tennis net. 

Hobby players who play more frequently and need to set up and take down the net constantly should consider a retractable net or clamp net, which are quicker to set up and take down than screw-on nets. Those wishing to train for official tournaments would benefit most from screw nets as these tend to conform to ITTF regulations. 

How much does a ping pong net cost?

Table tennis nets are available in different price ranges. The price is defined by the material used and the fastening system. In addition, the brand always plays a role. No-name products are always cheaper than table tennis nets from manufacturers such as Joola, Butterfly, etc. The prices for a net set start at just under $20 for retractable nets. 

Whereas products for competition use can cost $20 to $30. On the other hand, these nets are much more stable. Outdoor nets made of metal for concrete tables, on the other hand, cost around $30 to $60 but are extremely robust and durable.

How Do You Set Up A Ping Pong Net?

You can attach a table tennis net to the table with clamps. Some models are attached to the table with clamps or clips. 

To stretch the table tennis net, the dimensions must be fitting. The assembly is easy if the table tennis net fits the table, or it is a table tennis net that can be individually adjusted – just tighten, and done!

Here’s the assembly process for a retractable net:

● Simply roll out the net on the table, spreading it out 

● Attach to the table vertically 

As for a clamp net, the assembly goes thus:

● Fix the first clamp to one side of the table along the middle line 

● Let the pole be vertical 

● Slide and extend up to one end of the net over the post 

● Fix the second clamp on the other side of the table

● Slide the other side of the net over the other post 

As for the clip-on models, the installation goes thus:

● Clamp both clips on each side of the tables 

● Insert rod provided into the net hole of the post to keep the nets inserted. 

● Repeat step 2 for the other side of the net

how to install clip-on table tennis net and post
Set-up Ping Pong Net

How tight should a ping pong net be?

A tight ping pong net will measure 6 inches in height in the middle. If not tight, the measurement will fall below. The middle top of the net must be the same height when observed from left to right. It’s better to ensure the ping pong net is overtightened rather than loosened or over-loosened.

Ping Pong Net Rules

Like any other sport, table tennis has certain rules and regulations that must be followed, including net and post specifications. These specifications are administered by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF). Therefore, if you are serious about playing table tennis and want to compete in tournaments, you should make sure that you comply with the requirements listed below.

What happens if the ball hits the net in ping pong?

The point is a let if the ball hits the net and bounces to the opponent’s table. However, the receiver gets the point if the ball hits the net and bounces back to the server.

How many times can you hit the net in table tennis?

There’s no limit to hitting the net. If the ball hits the net and makes it to the opponent’s table, that’s a let, and you can replay as often as possible. But if it bounces back to you, you lose the point.

Does Ping Pong have to go over the net?

Yes, your ball must go over the net or you’ll lose the point to the opponent.

Can your paddle cross the net in ping pong?

There’s no problem with your paddles crossing your side of the net. This is sometimes unavoidable when dealing with low ball hits by the opponent.

Can you serve off the side of the table in ping pong?

It’s not against the rule to serve off the side of the table. Just ensure the ball is behind the serving line.

Final Words: What is the Best Ping Pong Net for Beginners and Professionals

For us, the best ping pong net for professionals to use is a clip-on or clamp net like the JOOLA Snapper Table Tennis Clamp NetMeanwhile, a retractable net is ideal for beginners because it’s simple to set up and inexpensive to buy. The best model of this type is the net that comes with the NIBIRU SPORT Ping Pong Set With Net.

As a side note, for advanced players in China, the DHS Table Tennis Net & Post Set is the most prominent choice.

However, no matter which table tennis net you choose, the nets we featured in our review come from some of the best brands in the world of table tennis and are still very affordable.

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