Yinhe PRO-05 vs. PRO-05X vs. PRO-05XM Reviews

In October 2020, Yinhe company launched the PRO-01 racket with the slogan “Road to Excellence”. The number “1” has the same meaning as “01” and also signifies “No.1”. The external blue Arylate-Carbon structure of the PRO-01 was once used by Zhang Jike to win major tournaments and it was also the structure used by the young representative Fan Zhendong at that time. Later, the PRO-01x and Liu Ding Shuo’s customized gold label PRO-01x Max were introduced to further improve this classic external structure.

Yinhe PRO-05 vs. PRO-05X vs. PRO-05XM Reviews

Now, the new PRO-05 series has been released, including the PRO-05 Standard, PRO-05x Advanced, and PRO-05x Max Professional. Corresponding to the PRO-01 series, the number “05” in the PRO-05 series represents the internal KLC yellow Arylate-Carbon structure. This structure is used by the most popular rackets on the market, including the DHS W968 and Yinhe 970XX K and Chaoxian Special Edition Che Xiaoying, which the author has used before.

Today, we will evaluate the PRO-05 series, which is touted as a “5-in-1 all-around”.

Common Features

The PRO-05 series share the same features of Limba wood veneer, Ayous wood, KLC fiber, Ayous core, and 5+2 structure. The racket of this structure is easy to control with a wood-like feeling under light force. Under medium force, it shows no stiffness from too much Arylate-Carbon as in the external ALC structure and instead is quite soft. It can handle spin and control the arc very well.

However, once full force is applied, the deep fiber properties and Ayous core jetting feeling are unleashed, causing the overall deformation to highlight and acceleration to occur, and unleashing explosive power. Although the PRO-05 with internal KLC is not as fast as the external ALC, it is superior in terms of arc ability and absolute power.

The entire PRO-05 series has the same basic features, with only slight differences in taste. Therefore, I think that anyone who is accustomed to the internal yellow Arylate-Carbon structure of the racket can play well with any of the PRO-05 series, and can adapt with just a little time because their main features are very similar.

Structural Differences

The surface materials of the three PRO 05 series blades feel smooth to the touch and have anti-friction treatment.

Pro-05 Structure
Pro-05X Structure
Pro-05XM Structure

The handle of the 05 Universal blade is relatively flat at the front end, while the handles of the PRO-05x Advanced and PRO-05x Max Professional blades have a small Viscaria-like taper at the front end, which can reduce the pressure on the thumb when twisting and pulling.

In terms of wood selection, it is visually apparent that the large core air holes of the 05x and 05xm are much more abundant than those of the 05.

The 05, with a measured thickness of 6.02mm, has a longer sound than the 05x, which may indicate that it is more prone to large deformation. The 05x is relatively solid. The 05xm has a bright sound with a tail note.

The 05x, with a measured thickness of 6.25mm, has a thicker force material than the 05. A thicker force material is generally advantageous for “acceleration” and improves the blade’s rigidity. It will feel harder.

The 05xm, with a measured thickness of 6.05mm, has a force material and surface material thickness similar to that of the 05x, but its large core is thinner than that of the 05x. Among the three, the 05xm has the thinnest large core, thinner than the 05, but its force material is slightly thicker than the 05. The handle is noticeably full compared to the 05.

PRO-05: Unrestrained and Easy

Although it is positioned as a “universal version,” when you first use it, you don’t feel much worse than the Hurricane Long 5. Because it is the thinnest of the three blades, it is very easy to play, and when you exert force, the entire blade undergoes large deformation. It is very suitable for “swinging.” It is very suitable for young people. You exert force, and it is very powerful.

PRO-05: Unrestrained and Easy

And when you exert full force, it is actually quite fierce near the middle of the table. If you choose an internal aromatic carbon blade in the 300 yuan range, this 05 is really one of the best options. The ball-holding arc, rotation, and power are all worth it at this price. And, it is easy to pose a threat, very easy.

In terms of control of small balls, it will appear slightly more bouncy than the 05x and 05xm. If you are farther from the backcourt, you need to exert full force, otherwise it will seem a bit slow. Its own arc is relatively high, and it is stable. Only when you exert a lot of force, it can be a main blade, and it is very threatening.

PRO-05X: Balanced strength and flexibility

As soon as you pick up this advanced-level blade, you can feel its remarkable strength. It’s noticeably more rigid than the 05, which helps with stable power transfer, improves speed and precision of hitting. Test players who tried the 05X also commented on its remarkable power.

Even with two rubbers on, it doesn’t feel too bouncy, which means it’s more stable in small ball control compared to the 05. Its looping trajectory is naturally lower without requiring extra effort, especially when hitting medium strength loops. It’s a well-balanced blade suitable for both offensive and defensive players. It reminds me of the Ovtcharov ALC, but the 05X has a more transparent feeling, possibly due to the fiber composition. The blue carbon of the Ovtcharov ALC is harder, which emphasizes speed, while the yellow carbon of the 05X is softer, allowing for better ball holding and power storage.

PRO-05X: Balanced strength and flexibility

Overall, the 05X has no significant weaknesses. The only minor issue is its 6.25mm thickness, which may take some time to get used to, making the blade feel not as light at first. But after a few games, it won’t be a problem anymore.

PRO-05XM: Easy attack and all-rounded performance

In fact, all three blades in this series are very all-rounded, that’s why they’re called the Five-Star series, which covers speed, power, control, spin, and bottom strength, and they are all quite good in these aspects. However, for those who are picky, the 05 is a more general-purpose blade with a relatively high trajectory and requires the player to generate power.

The 05X is already perfect as an advanced-level blade. It’s just that the added thickness and stiffer material make it not as agile as the 05 and 05XM. However, the increased rigidity benefits defense and low trajectory hitting.

As the highest professional blade, the 05XM’s thickness is between the 05 and 05X. It’s more suitable for generating long looping trajectories. Compared to the W968, it seems to be more flexible when using two rubbers, probably because of its lower absolute deformation compared to the W968. The W968 is more exaggerated in its acceleration after applying force, but with less force, the 05XM can still generate faster speed, making it easier to attack and have a lower power threshold.

PRO-05XM: Easy attack and all-rounded performance

In summary

All three blades are excellent in terms of adding spin and acceleration. However, the 05XM’s longer looping trajectory makes it more oppressive than the 05 and 05X.

Although they are in different price ranges and levels, for me, all three blades can be used as a primary blade. The 05 requires continuous physical output to maintain a high threat. The 05X is well-balanced and tends to be more stable in both offense and defense. The 05XM doesn’t require as much force as some professional-level blades, at least it’s easier to play with than the W968, and the ball quality is excellent. I’ve always thought that Yinhe company has mastered the key to making blades with built-in yellow carbon. Especially the cheapest PRO-05, which gives a surprising impression. Not to mention the more outstanding performance of the 05X and 05XM.”

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