Tibhar Evolution MX-P Review

The Best Alternative of Tenergy 64

Tibhar MXP

Evolution MX-P is a Pro Tensor rubber that Tibhar company has created, and it is the top of the range in the Evolution series.

In terms of technology, the Tensor is of course a necessary parameter for this high-end rubber. In addition, Tibhar has added its characteristic Power technology to its sponge. The Red-Power Sponge is a bit similar to “cake sponge”, and does not have the strong rubbery smell of other rubbers. In the simplest terms, it is similar to a sponge that is charged up to make the attack more threatening.

The performance of Tibhar Evolution MX-P is very close to Butterfly Tenergy 64, and its price is half of Tenergy 64, but it is much more durable than Butterfly T64. It can be said that Evolution MX-P is the best alternative to Tenergy 64.

Basic Specifications of Tibhar Evolution MX-P

If you have any questions about Evolution MX-P, you can refer to this chart below, which lists almost all the properties of MX-P.

Properties Tibhar Evolution MX-P
Hardness50 Degrees
SurfaceA Little Stickiness
PriceCheck Price On Amazon
Made InGermany
MXP Properties

Features of MXP

  • “Evolution” series rubber adopts perfect dynamic energy adjustment technology, which is also the top masterpiece in the development history of TIBHAR rubber.
  • The use of Pro Tensor Technology and the organic combination of Red Power Sponge gave birth to a super rubber with strong power. EVOLUTION MX-P maximizes the aggressiveness of shots under the premise of excellent speed and spin, so that players of any technical level can enjoy the fun of ping-pong.
  • The control performance of MX-P is excellent. The rubber and sponge can “catch” the ball deeper, prolonging the friction process, so that the player can experience a better hitting feeling. MX-P is a “superweapon” that will deliver a fatal blow to your opponent, whether on the near or far table.

Play with Tibhar MX-P

Tibhar Evolution MX-P is a rare type of rubber with excellent control in the German Rubbers. Which is a great attacking rubber for offensive players. Another excellent rubber in the Evolution series is MX-S.

The sponge of MX-P is equivalent to Hurricane 40 degrees, and it is heavy, so it is a forehand rubber. But the backhand can also be used if the power is good.

The elasticity of MX-P is very general (in the German set), and its push is very good. The push basically does not lose, which is better than most rubbers.

MX-P can create a very full and downward-sloping arc with great power and rotation.

And it is extremely stable, the more power you put into it, the more stable it becomes.

Among all the rubbers I have played so far, none of the rubbers have given me this kind of surprise, including a Tenergy 05 I used many years ago.

I think it’s completely against Hurricane NEO when you give enough power, and it will not be inferior in all aspects.

But compared with other German rubbers, MX-P’s leverage under small power is very general, blocking the ball is very easy to touch the net.

Tibhar Evolution MX-P

The friction of mxp is very general under small power, the arc is low and flat, the rotation is general, and it is easy to get off the net.

Many players may have the feeling of slippage?  This is not to say that the MX-P surface friction is not good, but the reason for the sponge. The sponge of MX-P has a bad grasping under the small force.

When you use mxp to drive the ball, you must hold the ball deeply into the sponge. The deeper you eat, the more powerful you will feel. It is incomparable in all aspects.

It is due to the existence of this extreme disadvantage that many players may think that MX-P‘s hitting is not linear, but this is also the characteristic of MX-P, that is, it must work hard!

This shortcoming is more obvious in Tibhar EL-P rubber, which can be regarded as a softer and lighter mxp.

Another point is that the MX-P sponge is very easy to shrink. It is said that a lot of oil has been filled before leaving the factory. This is the case for the Tibhar Evolution series, so it is best to play with the racket until it is scrapped.

In short, MX-P has better control ability under small power and powerful under large power. The disadvantage is that it lacks friction and is not linear enough. In addition, its performance should be considered as top-rubber in the German rubbers.

  • Recommendation index: 4.5 stars
  • Strength: 9.4
  • Elasticity: 6.5
  • Rotation: 9.5
  • Control: 9

Tibhar Evolution MX-P – The Bayonet of Tibhar

Excellent speed and rotation are the goals that players have been pursuing, but the improvement of the level is not directly proportional to our efforts.

Sometimes looking at the world from another angle will always make us feel new magic. Whether you are a senior or an amateur player, you can try Evolution MX-P. You will find that if you want to improve your level, you can still suppress your opponents through equipment.

The top product will have a bayonet-level character, and players who use this Tibhar Evolution MX-P must have the spirit of fighting!

Shouting on the court and being indomitable when losing points are all the original intentions of the Tibhar company to create the Evolution series!

This is Tibhar Evolution MX-P – the bayonet of Tibhar!

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