STIGA Pro Carbon Review

Conceived from the very heart of quality and outstanding performance, the Stiga Pro Carbon paddle has taken the world by surprise. It is extra light and an excellent paddle for ping pong beginners.

Stiga Pro Carbon table tennis paddle uses a 7-layer base plate containing 5 layers of wood and 2 layers of carbon fiber. The racquet offers a high level of spin with a score of 10. It uses a Balsa core for a shorter dwell time and more speed with a score of 9.9, which is a good choice for those who want an aggressive game.

STIGA is an established brand in table tennis sports with cutting-edge performance and a long history. Stiga manufactures and provides quality table tennis gear such as rackets, table tennis balls, racket covers, etc.

However, in this article, we will be looking at the Stiga Pro Carbon racket. What makes the Stiga Pro Carbon the popular choice of most professional players?

Briefly, let’s examine the features that made Stiga Pro Carbon outstanding and different from other brand producers of the table tennis racket first.

Let’s dig in right away.


  • Approved according to the ITTF regulations.
  • It is specially made with wooden material, while the outer part is with rubber.
  • Possesses the SDT to absorb shocks and dissipate them through the handle.
  • Features comfy concave handle.
  • It comes with Carbon Technology to guarantee speed and power.
  • Has 2mm sponge.
  • The paddle has a six-ply light blade to increase reaction time.
  • Weighs about 0.18 kilograms.
  • Dimensions of ‎2 x 6.25 x 21.5 inches
  • Glows with attractive red color.
  • Has impressive ratings of Speed of 99, Control of 80 Spin of 100
  • Embedded is the extra 7-Ply light blade for faster reaction time.
  • Two different layers of carbon for rigidity and better performance.


  • Ideal for tournament plays.
  • Can be used by both sex (i.e., unisex)
  • Light blade specially designed for easy carriage and movement.
  • The center Balsa wood guarantees utmost speed and quick reaction time.
  • The SDT Technology disperses shock from the ball.
  • Reliable for top speed and excellent power.


  • The price might be a little bit high.
  • The rubber may wear out after prolonged use but can be easily replaced.

Is The Stiga Pro Carbon Good?

Made with ITTF approved rubbers, you are fully capable of fighting for victory in the competition. The premium rubbers are features to behold on, and the right mix of elements is breathtaking.

The performance ratings will keep you amazed. The racket has a top speed of 99, an overwhelming spin rate of 100, control and balancing effect of 80. Table tennis pros will find these ratings intriguing and mind-blowing!

Do you plan to take your table tennis game to another remarkable level?

Then, go for the Stiga Pro Carbon paddle.

Regular exercising helps a table tennis player gets better. However, apart from routine practice, beginners and pros need the right racket to train correctly. Are you going to a local or international table tennis tournament? You will find the Stiga Pro Carbon helps you get started sooner than ever in your table tennis career.

Play with STIGA Pro Carbon

An excellent way to start with

Do you plan to outplay your opponent with the lethal forearm drive? Well, you are on an excellent way to start with. However, to complete the fatal blow, you must be willing to engage the right table tennis gear.

The Stiga Pro Carbon is the ideal racket you need to consummate the powerful stroke. With the proper body position, the drive knocks your opponent quickly during gameplay. But not without the firm grip of the strong Stiga Pro Carbon racket.


With the damaging impact of the fast-moving ping pong ball, the bat’s SDH component helps absorb all of the shocks and sends them away through the hole in the grip.

Leading with a spinning rate of 100, you can perform exceptionally on the table tennis court with your Stiga Pro Carbon paddle. The loop, as popularly known, is a vital stroke table tennis players must master to quickly and gradually take opponents in a tournament.

Table tennis players mainly use the loop to attack their opponents. As a beginner in the table tennis game, your focus must be on your speed. So, how fast can you be? This depends on your expertise and your choice of racket.

Go for the super speed Stiga Pro Carbon table tennis racket!

Take full advantage of the tough sponge of Stiga racket to defend yourself from powerful strokes from your opponent. The defense stroke is otherwise called a push stroke.

You will top your games with serious practice as you display your unique skills during a table tennis match. The push stroke is usually deployed when your opponent shoots a short stroke, and you close to the table to return the shot.


The Stiga bats yet unveil another feature that is impossible to ignore. The ultra-lightweight of plies gives you the leverage to exploit the block stroke.

Table tennis stroke deploys the backhand block when their opponent shoots a deadly shot at them. The block stroke helps to return the serve with the same speed and force.

The paddle’s high control and balancing effects give you the needed stamina and confidence to face fatal strokes from your opponents. The Shock Dispersion Technology (SDT) gives you the needed support during a backhand block stroke.

Sure, you want to take your table tennis game to another level. Then, you are missing out on the exclusive features the Stiga Pro Carbon racket provides. What are you thinking about? Swing into action right away!

Today, get your Stiga Pro Carbon paddle to significantly affect your level of performance in table tennis.

Final Words

As a table tennis player, you need the right attitude to improve your skills. You must, however, be ready to get the approved table tennis gear. The Stiga Pro Carbon racket is an excellent way to express yourself and create a brand for yourself in the table tennis tournament.

Worry not at all for the racket’s protection. You can choose to buy the Stiga Pro Carbon racket cover to protect and shield your paddle from external destructive elements.

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