Butterfly Zhang jike Super ZLC Reviews: Is Better than Mizutani Jun Super ZLC?

Super Zhang Jike blade is one of the best ping pong paddles in my opinion. Super ZL CARBON woven the Zylon fiber and carbon fiber arrangement more densely.The only blade equipped with such a high-strength fiber composition can be properly given the name “super”.

Butterfly Zhang jike super zlc is the first model equipped with SUPER ZL CARBON. Not only it is more resilient than the previous racket, but it also expands the range of rebound. It makes power and controls possible at the same time. Increasing the proportion of fiber, expanding the high rebound area, and improving the overall performance of the equipment.

The above snippet is a quick summary of the Zhang Jike Super ZLC blade.

Because of its high price, there are many fake Zhang jike super zlc on the market.

Although it is named after zhang jike, Zhang Jike actually uses the Butterfly Viscaria blade.

Here is a useful video about the Zhang Jike Super ZLC blade for you:

Here is a quick snippet of what’s the difference:

  • Zhang jike Super ZLC favors the two-sided fast attack of middle and near table.
  • Mizutani Jun Super ZLC favors the loop at the middle and far table.
  • Zhang jike Super ZLC has more explosive power.
  • Mizutani Jun Super ZLC has better control and defense.
  • Zhang jike Super ZLC is obviously speedy
  • Mizutani Jun Super ZLC is more like a combination of speed and introversion, relatively more comfortable.


The appearance of the two looks very different. The first is the color scheme, one is gold, and the other is more of red color. Zhang jike SZLC has a large sweet spot, which means that almost the entire blade is the best hitting spot. The font on the Mizutani Jun SZLC is exquisitely designed. Butterfly adheres to the refinement of Japanese craftsmanship.

Both have a small green bean anti-counterfeiting logo on their backhand.


 Zhang Jike Super ZLCMizutani Jun Super ZLC
SurfaceKOTO woodLymphatic wood
Head Dimensions157×150 mm157×150 mm
Handle Dimensions100×24 mm100×24 mm
Price420 USD400 USD
Made inJapanJapan


Forehand Rubber: Tenergy 05       Backhand Rubber: Tenergy 64


ZJK SZLC:  Very crisp, relatively hard, very elastic, and clear in the hand. With t64 on the backhand, it feels more decisive.

Mizutani Jun SZLC:  Not have the strong reaction of over-extension, but the dwell time is slightly longer, and the ball is also very sprayed.


ZJK SZLC:  The power is very excellent. The compatibility of multiple technologies is very good and easy to drive. The speed is fast, and the ability for the topspin is also very strong.

Mizutani Jun SZLC:  The power is average, but the rotation is stronger and the shape change is increased. The feeling is not very strong but very stable.


ZJK SZLC:  The performance of control is average for the short ball. The friction is not very obvious and easy to rise. It needs basic skills and a good feeling for the player.

Mizutani Jun SZLC:  It is softer, and the push and block are very easy.


Zhang jike SZLC:  Drive backspin easily with strong rotation.

Mizutani Jun SZLC: It is difficult for the backspin. It is more stable.


Zhang jike SZLC:  There are also some offensive feelings when defensive, the opponent will feel that the return has some rushing when defending. When changing the line, the ball can easily go out of bounds. The player needs to strengthen control and pay attention to the shape of the racket.

Mizutani Jun SZLC:  The defensive ability is very stable.


  GradeZhang jike Super ZLCMizutani Jun Super ZLC

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