Butterfly 401 vs. Stiga Evolution vs. Pro Carbon vs. Killerspin Reviews

The Butterfly 401 racket comes in a stylish design. This all-wood blade is made for players at beginner and intermediate levels. The blade’s thickness gives allows players to comfortably make powerful shots with little effort.

We will be looking at some of the features that make this blade popular among table tennis players.

Butterfly 401
Butterfly 401

Specifications: Butterfly 401 vs Stiga Evolution vs Pro Carbon vs Killerspin Jet 200

SpecificationsButterfly 401Stiga EvolutionStiga Pro CarbonKillerspin Jet 200
Blade5-ply wood6-ply wood5-ply wood + 2 carbon5-ply wood
RubberYuki rubberStiga rubberS5 rubberJet Basic rubber
Sponge2.1 mm2.0 mm2.0 mm1.8 mm
ITTF ApprovedYesYesYesNo
More InfoSee More DetailsSee More Details See More DetailsSee More Details

Butterfly 401 Review


This powerful Butterfly 401 bat from Butterfly comes is made from 5 plywood and comes with a relative thickness.

It is an all-wood blade and the pad produces the best impact when it touches the ball.

The overall performance is good and the blade comes with a moderate speed which beginners can handle.

It has a high-speed rating and amazing control. The paddle won’t pose a problem for inexperienced players and feels light.

With Rubber

The handle of the paddle is flared and the Butterfly 401 blade can be used with the Butterfly’s Yuki rubbers. Also, this blade produces more spins and the rubber will help with the speed of the blade.

You can get a powerful shot with this blade by using the rubbers with pimples. In addition, the blade is ITTF approved which makes it ideal for use at tournaments and its design is quality.

Grip and Handle

The Butterfly 401 blade comes with a comfortable grip and it uses the shakehand style grip. The flared handle has a comfortable grip making it difficult for the blade to slip off your hands.

The handle is about shot compared to most Butterfly blades. The shorter handle can be a problem for players with large hands.

Shots Style

Butterfly 401 blade is great for generating spins and with the right rubber, you can do this effectively. The speed and control of the blade make it adequate for a return of serve. You can also use it to make powerful smashes and a drive.

Pros and Cons


  • Comes with a reasonable amount of power.
  • It is approved for tournaments.
  • It produces lots of spins
  • The paddle comes with good control.


  • Handle is short
  • Difficult to maintain.

Butterfly 401 vs Stiga Evolution

Butterfly and Stiga are both reputable brands for table tennis equipment.

When you bring the Butterfly 401 together with the Stiga Evolution blade, you can tell that they are both made from wood. The two blades are high spin blades that produce a lot of spins.

However, while the Butterfly blade can be used by beginners, the  Stiga Evolution blade is designed for advanced-level players.

The Butterfly 401 blade has a better control rating than this Stiga Evolution blade. The Stiga Evolution blade is designed for aggressive play and the handle is lighter than that of the Butterfly 401 blade.

Butterfly 401 vs Stiga Pro Carbon

The Stiga Pro Carbon blade comes in a blend of wood and carbon fibre, unlike the Butterfly 401 blade that comprises all-wood material. The carbon blend Stiga blade is quite flexible compared to the Butterfly blade because of its carbon fibres.

This paddle comes with a large sweet spot and does not have the crispy sound you get from an all-wood blade. However, both blades come with a good amount of spins and have a good speed rating.

The Pro Carbon bat is a powerful blade and a good control like the Butterfly blade. It is lightweight and comes with a more innovative handle type. The two blades are approved for tournaments. However, the Stiga Pro Carbon blade is not ideal for beginners.

Butterfly 401 vs Killerspin Jet 200

The Killerspin Jet 200 blade is also an all-wood blade like the Butterfly 401. They are both made from 5 plies of wood but the Butterfly blade comes with a thicker handle. The low thickness of the Killerspin blade allows players to make more consistent strokes. The handle is comfortable and will work for longer rallies.

The Killerspin racket produces powerful shots and has a good amount of control. This blade is suitable for beginner-level players but can’t be used in competitions. It is not ITTF approved and can only be used for recreational sports.

Butterfly 401 vs Palio Expert 2

The Palio Expert 2 blade is designed for advanced beginners and is not as fast as the Butterfly 401 blade. Although the speed is moderate, you will need more effort to play a fast-paced game. This blade comes with a good balance and the control rating is good. However, the Butterfly 401 blade is a winner when it comes to controlling.  

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