Butterfly Timo Boll ZLC Vs. ZLF Review

Timo Boll ZLC is not just any regular carbon blade but one that comes with speed and control. This blade stands out from the other ZL fibers from Butterfly. It is the perfect attacking paddle for players and one that will earn you scoring points.

It will take more than skills to win a game of table tennis, and when you have a bat like the Timo Boll ZLC, it increases your chances of winning.

The Timo Boll series is one of the best-selling blades today, and its popularity is due to its quality and performance. We will be looking at some features that make the Butterfly Timo Boll ZLC stand out in our review.

Butterfly Timo Boll ZLC

Basic Parameters

 PropertiesTIMO BOLL ZLC
Head Dimension157x150mm
Handle Dimension102×24mm
Price280 USD
Made inJapan

Timo Boll ZLC Review

The Timo Boll ZLC, like all other Butterfly blades, is a quality product. It aids a player’s gameplay and is used in most major competitions. It is for aggressive gameplay and recommended for players who want to win points from making heavy spins. We will be looking at some of the winning features of the Timo Boll ZLC racket.

Composition & Handle

The head dimension is 157 x 150mm, and it has a weight measuring 84g. This carbon blade has a surface size of 5.5mm, and its design stands out from other blade models. It comes with five wood plies and two zylon carbon plies.

The woven fiber combined with the carbon makes it comfortable holding your bat for a longer time. One of its selling points is its increased dwell time, a trait found in all the ZL fibers.

The best rubber for Timo Boll ZLC is the Butterfly Dignics series. When you pair this blade with the Dignics 80 rubbers like Timo Boll, you can play mid-distance shots easily. The Dignics 09C rubber also works for the ZLC blade and will give players additional spin during play. The blade has a good grip with its comfortable handle. The racket comes in three handle styles of AN, FL, and ST.

Stiffness & Hardness 

When looking for blades, one of the things players check is stiffness. Boll ZLC has a stiffness rate of 5.5. This is moderate and helps with the blade’s speed.

Timo Boll ZLC has a hard feel, making it easy to generate a faster speed with little effort. The hardness rating is 6.5, which is fair as it offers ample time for experienced players to gain control of the speed for a return.

Speed & Control

Another reason why many table tennis players love this blade is its speed. The blade can make a powerful impact during a table tennis game. It has a high-speed rating of 95. Its fast speed can be compared to the Timo Boll ALC. The speed will be more beneficial for professional athletes to play high-speed offense shots during the game.

The zylon carbon is the reason for the speed as it gives the blade an elastic feel which is intended to make more spins and give better control. This makes the Timo Boll ZLC more suitable for high-flying aggressive table tennis games.

Another area where the Boll ZLC stands out is control. The control is directly proportional to its speed. It has a high control rating of 75, which is impressive. The wooden layers of the blade are soft, which makes the touch-responsive. However, controlling the high speed can be tricky, and only experienced players can know how to use this bat.

Shots & Playing Style

Timo Boll ZLC blade is great for playing the loop, and you can get perfect control of your backhand play if you are an experienced player. It can make powerful smashes and other game strokes. However, the Timo Boll ZLC is built for forehand practice and can create a spin quickly. The blade allows players to maximize their speed and the rate of spins. Using this paddle puts you at an advantage since you can surprise your opponent with spins and smashes.

It also works fine for playing a serve during the game. The blade has a bouncy feel and will allow you to hit the ball at any angle with less power. Apart from playing offensive shots with the blade, it is also perfect for players who want to play defense. You can play any stroke-like push, drive, or even smashes.

The Timo Boll ZLC blade is for professional athletes and will work for various playing styles. It is for players who like to make a lot of spin shots and looping. You can use it for other table tennis techniques like blocking, smashes, and flat hits.

Timo Boll ZLF Review

What I like concerning it the most is the crisp feel as well as control. Woody feels, yet with the stability that ZL fiber has. It is not carbon to ensure that you can feel the woody feel. It is just amazing. The overall feel is soft, as well as there are some bit resonances as well as flex.

In contrast to the Boll ALC blade, the Timo Boll ZLF is softer and slower, a softer variation of the Timo Boll ALC. It also has a much greater toss. You can feel exactly where the round hit the racket. The balance with Tenergy 05/64 is best.

The measurements of this blade, a little bit smaller sized than Innerforce. It is crisp, and the top sheet is stiff. However, the Zylon under the leading gives it soft qualities, terrific dwell time, and a lot of spins. The blade has a crisp feel and also a much more complex touch. When playing away from the table, the noise is simply fantastic. The Timo Boll ALC is better away from the table, but I discover the ZLF better in all other aspects.

Timo boll alc blade has outstanding control. It is not also quick. However, it has no excellent speed. Because there is Zylon, but there is no carbon, you can feel the ball on the blade face well. It has a fellow feeling as an all-wood blade. However, the Zylon offers this blade added equipments. It has control and touches for short games, lots of spin for knotting, and more than enough speed when you dig into it. This blade could lose a little speed when you are back from the table.
The downside is the price.

Timo Boll ZLC Vs Timo Boll ZLF

Timo Boll ZLF blade has a comfortable feel and increased dwell time like the Timo Boll ZLC blade. It has more control which makes it suitable for beginners, but Boll ZLC is for advanced players. They both have the same size, but the Timo Boll ZLC is slightly thicker than Boll ZLF. It is lighter and softer than the ZLC but won’t produce the impact you get with the ZLC.

Both blades give good performance.

Timo Boll ZLF blade is only composed of ZL fibers and doesn’t have any carbon properties like the Timo Boll ZLC.

Boll ZLF will not give you those powerful smashes you get from the Boll ZLC.


This Butterfly blade is one of the best quality gadgets for professional table tennis players. If you are looking for a fast-speed blade that also gives you a fair amount of control, the Timo Boll ZLC is for you. However, this paddle is not meant for players who’re beginners. The blade requires a certain level of skills to operate. You will enjoy making spins and smashes with the ZLC racket.

One of the reasons why most athletes prefer the racket is that it fits almost all the playing styles. It is great for competitive sports and will help you win games. We hope that this review will help you decide if the blade fits your playing level and will accommodate your strategies.

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