Stiga Clipper Wood Review

Stiga Clipper Wood blade is one of the popular speedy blades from Stiga. It gives a powerful offensive play and gives players very consistent shots. It is a blade you will want to get especially if you prefer powerful fast-paced games.

Stiga Clipper Wood
Stiga Clipper Wood

Features of Stiga Clipper Wood

Clipper CR and WRB

One of the things you should know about this blade is that it comes in two types, the Clipper CR and Clipper CR WRB. The only difference between the two, however, is in their thickness. The WRB means the weight of balance, rate of recovery and ball sensitivity.

The Clipper Wood and Clipper CR are the popular blades used by table tennis players in China. The two classic blades are used as Penhold blades.

Appearance and Composition

The Stiga Clipper Wood is a classic blade and a favorite among athletes. The blade comes in a red color handle and middle veneer. Its unique appearance makes it impossible to confuse it with any other blade. The blade is for offensive play and is among the fast blades from Stiga.

The Clipper Wood has a woody feel as the name suggests. Its structure comprises 7 veneers and it doesn’t come with carbon. The wood is solid and has a great impact when it meets the ball.

Looking at its components, you will find three hard and fast inner Plies along with four soft outer plies. This blend produces a balanced result for your game. The Clipper Wood blade is made from natural wood.

The blade is very thick at 6.7mm and its weight is 90g. Its unique and quality wood is what makes it a good attacking blade.


The Clipper Wood blade has a unique handle design and most importantly a comfortable grip. The red handle comes in an FL handle design like most Stiga models. The best rubber for this all-wood blade, are hard rubbers but you can also use soft rubbers with this blade. The soft rubbers will give you more loops.


The Clipper Wood blade is an all-wood table tennis equipment and is stiff. Its stiff feel makes it consistent and won’t cause the blade to flex when you hit the ball hard. The Clipper Wood also does not give too many vibrations and but it still vibrates a little more than carbon blades.


The Clipper Wood blade is known for its speed. If you want to play a short and aggressive game, you will certainly like the Stiga Clipper Wood. The blade is consistent and will produce powerful shots.


The Clipper Wood model is also known for its impressive control. The overall performance of the blade is what makes it one of the best-selling today. Even though Stiga has made many other models since the Clipper Wood was first introduced, it is still a favorite among athletes.

Play with Stiga Clipper Wood


The Stiga Clipper Wood blade will require some more effort to get powerful shots. The more power you put in the more force it produces.

It is especially great for making forehand and backhand loops. You get better results when you make harder shots with this blade. You can get high-speed spins with this blade.

Also, another strength of this blade is in punch shots. You can easily make a punch using its backhand because the blade is hard. The shots you get are direct and are properly balanced.

The Stiga Clipper Wood blade is also great for passive shots. The stiffness of the blade and its swiftness makes it easy to block. It is also good for making a push whether long or short.

Playing Style

One can say that this blade is an all-rounder. It can do everything and with the right accuracy. We recommend this blade for players with little experience in table tennis. The Stiga Clipper Wood is used today even by players in the best leagues especially among Chinese national team players.  

7 thoughts on “Stiga Clipper Wood Review”

  1. Hayrullah Yelseli

    Can you recommend a rubber on the clipper? Fxp or musa or tihbar rapid soft or xiom elite and xiom europa..

  2. As a beginner with 1 year of experience playing with allround premade bat (arround 40 euros) I’m looking for a new bat. Right now the style that grabs my interest is offensive with strong fast drive with lots of pivoting and using backhand for blocking and loop killers. I am very interested in begin training and using tacky medium-hard rubbers, I heard that this blade is optimal for this as many Chinese players use it. As this will be my first set-up with medium-hard tacky rubbers, is this blade too fast?
    Also (and sorry if I am annoying with my questions, but I’ve been unable to get answers from internet/coaches) going for DHS hurricane 3 is a too optimistic approach for me, hoping that with enough training I will be able to control? I am taking a look for alternatives such as friendship 729 that you reviewed in this website but for me are much harder to obtain because those are older rubbers.

    1. Forgot to add that I heard from many places that when going for tacky medium-hard rubbers/chinese approach is better to use controll and with good feeling blades, and I’m afraid this blade is fast and with low feeling (I read this somewhere i can’t remember)

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