Stiga Dynasty Carbon Review

Stiga is known for its innovations and they always come up with something different and unique. Stiga Dynasty Carbon is the result of years of research by the company to produce carbon and wood hybrid blades with an excellent balance.

Here is my research on what Stiga Dynasty Carbon is:

Stiga Dynasty Carbon is a product jointly developed by Stiga and the famous world champion Xu Xin (penhold edition). The bat comes with the latest signature TeXtreme+ carbon which stabilizes carbon fibres and makes it strong to balance the racket weight. Dynasty Carbon is powerful and has a great touch. The weight of the racket is up to 95g and it is quite thick at 5.7mm.

Stiga Dynasty Carbon
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Features of Stiga Dynasty Carbon


The blade is designed with a thick middle layer to strengthen the core of the paddle and keep it balanced. The outer layer made from Koto gives a short dwell time when playing.


Stiga Dynasty Carbon comes with a comfortable narrow FL handle. It uses the Master FL handle from the company which has a perfect grip. The finishing is very smooth compared to most handles in the Carbonado series.

You can easily pair this paddle with the Dignics 05 as forehand rubber and Tenergy 80 for the backhand rubber. You have also use the Tenergy 64 BH and DHS H3 Neo National Blue Sponge 40deg Forehand rubber.


The Dynasty Carbon blade has more wooden components than its carbon fibres which makes it very rigid. You won’t get any flex when using this blade. The hard feel is great for making balanced shots and even during impact, the TeXtreme carbon prevents the blade from absorbing the impact of the ball.

Playing Style of Stiga Dynasty Carbon


Looking at its speed, the Dynasty blade is not as fast as most carbon blades. When compared to the ALC blades, this blade is slow. This is because it has a more woody feel than its carbon component. However, the blade has a good sweet spot which makes it consistent and balanced.


The Stiga Dynasty Carbon makes up for its lack of speed by giving players accurate results. The control rating is high and table tennis players won’t find it difficult to make perfect shots.


Loopers using this blade will get a crisp feel when the ball hits the blade because of its outer veneer Koto. The blade gives the ball a good force, so players won’t need to exert energy making powerful shots. You will get a good quality loop without much effort without losing control.

The Stiga Dynasty Carbon blade has a medium arc and with its good dwell time, you can make a good amount of spins. However, to get a good backspin, you will need to match it with a medium-hard in backhand. One of the Dynasty’s strengths is with blocking. With this blade, you can easily control any incoming loops with ease. You can also make punch shots.

The Stiga Dynasty Carbon blade can keep the ball short and also make a nice flick. However, this technique can be done by experienced players.

Although the Dynasty Carbon blade has excellent control, we recommend it for intermediate-level and advanced players. It would suit players who are good at the game and feel comfortable making close loops and mid-distance shots.  If you prefer to block close to the table and need to make short/flick games, you would find it easy with the Dynasty Carbon.

The blade has a powerful effect and will help you up to your game.

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