Butterfly Petr Korbel Review

Petr Korbel blade is designed for athletes looking for speed at that time. The blade is perfect for mid-distance shots.

Butterfly Petr Korbel blade is excellent for looping, whether forehand or backhand because it is consistent. It would require some effort to get the blade to make a perfect loop. It will also be consistent when doing a return because it won’t shoot the ball too low or high.

The paddle comes in two options because it is produced in two different factories, Europe and Japan. We will be looking at some of its other exciting features.

Butterfly Petr Korbel
Butterfly Petr Korbel

Features of Petr Korbel


Petr Korbel blade is built with 5 Plies of wood and has a moderate thickness of 5.6mm. This blade allows you to throw at a low angle and gives the ball some bounce.

Petr Korbel allows players to make a high throw and also do a fast return stroke. The speed of the Korbel blade is impressive, and if you prefer a thinner handle, this blade is for you. Its design makes it easy to play good loops and long drives.

It is a good pick for all-around offensive style, and the style of the blade is classic. This Butterfly blade feels very powerful and quite fast when attacking.

It is one of the best all-wood blades you can get today. The blade is one blade that will give you more spins, and it has an extended dwell time which you can maximize for loop spin and placement.

There is no limit to the number of spins you can generate from this Butterfly blade. The weight of the blade ranges from 80 to 90g and has a very comfortable feeling.

Today, we still have pro athletes like Gionis, Kallberg, and others using this classic blade.


When you hold the Petr Korbel blade, the first thing you notice is that it is very different from other blades like the Butterfly Viscaria or even the Clipper Wood blade. The blade has a thinner handle while the others are fuller. Since the handles are pretty slim, you can pair the handles with more complex and thicker rubbers for better attack shots.

The handle came in two styles, straight and flared. The FL handle is a bit small but still has a comfortable grip. The head size is also larger than most blades, which is one reason why thick rubbers would work.

You must use suitable rubbers for this blade if you want to get effective shots. You can pair this blade with the Ternergy rubbers, and it even fits better with the Rozena.


The material used in the construction of this blade is limba wood and is one of the toughest and potent. For this reason, the Petr Korbel blade is powerful and will make impactful strokes; one of the perks of using this blade is its quality design and the high-quality wooden features. The stiffness of the wood makes it produce perfect loops.

The Petr Korbel blade is denser, and its stiffness makes it consistent.


Like with most five ply-wood blades, the Petr Korbel blade is more stable and comes with less speed.

It is not very fast and at the same time not too slow. The speed level makes it perfect for an all-around play. The blade can respond fast when the ball makes contact in your direction, even without much speed.

Most blades target experienced players, which is usually a problem for beginners. However, the Petr Korbel blade can be used by both beginners and advanced-level players. The moderate speed of this blade won’t be a challenge for newbies.

If you compare this blade with the Primorac or Grubba blade, it is faster than both blades.


Even though the Butterfly Petr Korbel blade does not travel at the speed of light, it gives players a good amount of control. The low-speed level gives the blade enough balance so that beginners won’t struggle with it.

The swiftness of the blade is excellent for loopers, and the Petr Korbel blade gives the ball more spins. It can absorb the impact of the ball and can cause vibrations. When playing with this blade, you will still need a little experience to keep it balanced because of the vibrations.

Play with Petr Korbel

Good for Beginner

One of the strong suits of this blade is that it is designed for all players, whether newbies or experienced players. This is because of the blade adaptability on the ball when making shots. With suitable rubbers, too, you can easily make effective and accurate shots across the table.

Easy to Serve

The Petr Korbel blade is excellent for serves, and you can do service at high speed or even short cut the ball. This blade will do an excellent service because it is not too fast, and its dwell time is extended. The serve is good because the blade gives a lot of rotation to the ball. You can also do so with this blade if you want to make quick shots, especially when attacking with topspins. The wood combination makes it easy to serve. Whether you want to make a down spin or sidespin, this blade is suitable for these strokes.  

Loop and Block

Butterfly Petr Korbel blade is also an excellent looping blade and most preferably best for shot games. However, one of the challenges players face with this blade is that it is not decisive for blocking. The blade has too much touch and can cause the blocking to fall short. However, with a bit of experience and proper technique, you can complete a block with this blade.

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