Butterfly Viscaria Golden Reviews

The reviews of the Viscaria Golden Edition by 5 players

VIscaria Golden Reviews
Butterfly VIscaria Golden

Player 1

  • The rubber of forehand is hurricane 3 national and the backhand is T05.
  • The Golden VIS FL has a fuller grip compared to the normal VIS.
  • Forehand:  The first feeling is that the strength of the blade is very sufficient and powerful, the speed is faster; The feeling of the golden VIS is not much different from the normal edition Viscaria. There is no more feeling of holding the ball. But the shot is more sharp, and the surface material is slightly harder than the normal Viscaria edition.
  • Backhand:  I think the big difference is the backhand. It can be said that the backhand is sharper than the market version of VISCARIA. It can also add friction and spin when the ball is shot quickly, which is a very peculiar place.
  • Hits:  The Viscaria golden delivers the ball faster and more strength. The arc is fuller and not very defensive.
  • Serving: The Viscaria golden feels the same as the normal edition, there is not much difference. But the blade is more solid and powerful.
  • In general, the feel of the golden edition is the same as that of the normal viscaria, which is more transparent, powerful and tough than the normal edition, and the blade is more solid, more like a selected VISCARIA.

Player 2

  • Is the golden edition good? Yes! It’s balanced and well-rounded with a lot of power!
  • I played four Viscaria, two U barcode, one R barcode and one S barcode. The conclusion is that they are similar. I think the normal version is more efficient and more suitable for me!
  • Feeling:  The golden edition is softer and clearer, and the feedback is sharper and linear with small and medium power. The flick are both excellent, and the golden edition is more stable in control.
  • Close to the table:  The normal Viscaria has more power than golden edition
  • Middle table:  Both are similar when hitting the ball with great power.
  • Far table: The golden vis is surging and powerful, and the second jump accelerates downward. The Normal Viscaria is not as good as golden edition on the far table.

Player 3

  • In terms of material selection and performance, The Golden VIS does have a certain improvement over ordinary vis. The golden edition is easier to use and better to hold the ball.
  • The Golden VIS is softer than the normal edition, a bit similar to STIGA blade, but with faster speed and more obvious down jump.
  • The golden VIS overcomes the shortcomings of ordinary VIS forehand hits. The overall is relatively transparent, and the feeling is a bit like Zhangjike ALC, but the quality of shots is higher than that of Zhangjike ALC.
  • Although the performance of the golden edition has been improved, it is obviously better to hold the ball compared to the explosive power of the Zhangjike Super ZLC. The Zhangjike SZLC is thinner than the Viscaria golden, has a larger elasticity ratio, and has a different feeling.
  • The price of Viscaria golden is more expensive, and it have a low cost performance.

Player 4

  • When I first played Viscaria golden, the rubber was not suitable, and it didn’t feel very good. But after many adjustments to the rubber, I finally found the most comfortable and powerful rubber: D05+D80! !
  • I can say that Viscaria’s backhand is the best and the backhand flick is solid and confident. On the backhand, it feels that the difference between normal Viscaria and golden edition is not very big.
  • There is a big difference between the normal version and the Viscaria golden for the forehand. The golden edition is obviously more transparent and clear. The normal edition is impenetrable under small power, and only feels a little bit under medium and large power. The normal edition is suitable for playing with more friction. The ball have a quality with enough friction. The Viscaria golden is relatively more casual, it feels like a pure wooden blade. There is no barrier to the rubber. It can penetrate the board with medium strength. It is obvious that the blade is bent and rebounds. The strong strength causes the ball to jump down very quickly and the arc is weird.

Player 5

  • The Viscaria golden is softer than the normal version, and the feeling of strength is strong. Especially the forehand is much better than normal VIS and so it is expensive. I have been playing the normal VIS for several years, and I just sold the two normal VIS. I can say responsibly that the performance of the golden VIS is much better than the market normal VIS.
  • The golden VIS is really easy to play, and the hand feeling is more refined and clear, the sweet spot is obviously even and larger.
  • The pulling arc is a little higher than the normal VIS, although the ball speed is not as fast as the normal vis, but it hold the ball well, strong rotation, high rate, more power.

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