How to Play Backhand Flick in Table Tennis

Table Tennis backhand flick study from China National Team

What is backhand flick in table tennis

Generally, the backhand flick against the backspin on the table.

If it is non-spin or slightly backspin serve, then rubbing the middle and upper part of the ball will have high quality with more impact than friction.

If the spin is very strong, in order to avoid the spin, you can choose to twist it sideways and rub the middle and lower part of the ball to the left.

If the incoming ball rotates clockwise, rub the left side of the ball in the direction of rotation.

In addition, it is necessary to adjust the direction of the hand according to the drop point, and the change of the direction of the hand will also cause a slight change in the friction position.

Next, let’s learn about Fan Zhendong and Zhang Jike’s backhand flick.

How to Play Backhand Flick in Table Tennis

STEP1: Pre-judgment and Moving

You should have a pre-judgment when the opponent serves the ball, first make a half-step, and then adjust the step the ball is sent at the moment.

Pre-judgment and Moving

To find a good spot accurately, there are generally three positions for the drop point: backhand position—center—forehand position.

Pre-judgment and Moving

The pre-judgment and find the ball accurately is the keys to the backhand flick technique, and it is also a link that amateur player ignores easily. Please look at the GIF and taste it carefully.

Center of Gravity Adjustment

If the judgment is not good, you can also find the position by adjusting the center of gravity.

STEP2: Lift shoulder, Lift elbow, Buckle wrist

The table tennis backhand flick needs to use the elbow as the support point, the upper arm-the forearm-the wrist is in an S-shaped, and the racket shape is adjusted according to the rotation of the incoming ball, especially the backspin ball, the racket shape angle should be larger.

Lift shoulder, Lift the elbow

Elbow is the support point

STEP3: Grabbing and Rubbing

The table tennis backhand flick should rub the ball quickly during the ascending period or the highest point of the incoming ball, otherwise, it is difficult to guarantee the quality of the ball. When rubbing, the wrist opens quickly, swings, and hits the ball, and the essence is manufacturing the spin.

Therefore, we must focus on friction and impact as a supplement to learn this technique well. If the impact is too much, it will cause the net or out. The specific rubbing and impact ratio should be determined according to factors such as the spin of the ball, personal habits, and physical conditions. Backhand flick requires repeated practice and experience.



The first practice is grabbing and rubbing when you study backhand flick, and then strengthen the proportion of impact.

Coach Tips

Friendly reminder: Use the head of the racket to flick, the quality will be higher!

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