Butterfly Lin Yun-Ju Super ZLC Review

Lin Yun-Ju is one of the best table tennis players who has won two major tournaments against top players like Ma Long, Fan Zhendong, and Timo Boll. The Lin Yun-Ju Super ZLC from Butterfly was specifically designed for him. The blade fits his left-hand playing style and is a light and fast blade.

The Lin Yun-Ju Super ZLC has a lot of interesting qualities which makes it one of the high-end table tennis equipment sold today. It is a powerful blade.

We will be showing you what makes the Lin Yun-Ju Super ZLC stand out in our review.

First, let’s take a look at the parameter comparison chart of several Super ZLC blades of Butterfly.

Parameter Comparison

Thickness5.6 mm5.6 mm5.8 mm
SurfaceKOTO woodKOTO woodLimba wood
Head Dimensions157×150 mm157x150 mm157x150 mm
Handle Dimensions100×25 mm100x25 mm100x24 mm
PriceCheck on AmazonCheck on AmazonCheck on Amazon
Made inButterflyJapanJapan

Lin Yun-Ju Super ZLC Review


Butterfly is known to make the best table tennis equipment around the world. They also make innovations by combining the best technologies to get high-performance blades.

Lin Yun-Ju SZLC blade is one of the best innovations from this brand. The Lin Yun-Ju blade comes in a blend of ZL Fiber and Carbon. This is the reason why this blade has a powerful impact when it hits the ball. This super ZLC blade has a quality structure and comes with a powerful racket that has a very high vibration.

The blade’s appearance is unique and the grip or handle comes in Lin Yun-Ju’s favorite color. It also comes with a custom wing mark that contains the acronym of the athlete’s name. The customized logo gives the blade a young and vibrant appearance. The blade comes with 5 wood plies and 2 layers of super ZL Carbon material.

Lin Yun-Ju super ZLC blade is great for offensive play and has a thickness of 5.6mm. The blade is lightweight at 88g and is one of the most stable blades sold today.

Lin Yun-ju Super ZLC


Lin Yun-Ju SZLC blade is designed perfectly to balance the speed. When playing a rally, the blade gives a longer dwell time so you can easily prepare for a powerful counterattack. The handle has a powerful and comfortable grip. The handle of the blade can be paired with any of the rubbers because it is quite flexible. However, if you are a fan of Lin Yun-Ju, you can follow his style by pairing this SZLC blade with the Butterfly Tenergy 05 for the forehand and the Hard Butterfly Dignics 05 rubber for the backhand. These rubbers complement this blade and will give you better balance.

Lin Yun-ju Super ZLC


Lin Yun-Ju Super ZLC blade from Butterfly is an all in one table tennis blade that embodies a great performance. It has speed and power put together which most athletes prefer.

With this blade, you can get a powerful spin with ease. The blade does not require its user to exert much force when playing. The best part is, it has a huge sweet spot, so you don’t feel the powerful force of the blade when the ball makes contact.


It is not every day you find a blade that gives both speed and control at the same time. The Lin Yun-Ju Super ZLC blade is not only fast but has an impressively high control rating. You feel the control better when playing mid-distance shots. The Lin Yun-Ju Super ZLC blade has better control than some of the other similar ZLC blades.


Looking at its design, one can say it has a medium stiffness. The wood and carbon blend does not make this blade completely rigid. However, it does not have the softness you find in the Butterfly ALC series. It has a full woody feeling on its exterior but the carbon fibre gives the ball a good bounce.


When you need to do a long or short push, you will feel how the ball pierces the blade. The SZLC blade is easier to control during a push.

It has a surprisingly high arc and gives very powerful shots.  The shots are strong no matter the stance you take, whether close to the table or away from the table.

This blade has a long dwell time and this is one of the reasons why it is used as an attacking blade. The Lin Yun-Ju blade is swift and will allow players to make lots of spins.

Lin Yun-Ju has a unique playing style and is known to be a left-handed player. The blade is specially designed to give home full power and better vibration to make sharp ‘Chiquita backhands and perfect counters. The swift blade is one that loopers will like because of its powerful oriented strokes.

However, blocking is not one of the strong points of the Butterfly Lin Yun-Ju blade.

Generally, the focus of this blade is its powerful characters and with it is you can easily play a quality flick and loop in most competitive games. It is easy making a serve with this blade because of its control level. The Lin Yun-Ju SZLC blade is an all-rounder for players and you can do all playing techniques like drive, return strokes, push and smashes.

Lin Yun-Ju Super ZLC vs Zhang Jike Super ZLC

Even though these two blades bear the Super ZLC title, they are quite different in several ways. In appearance, the Lin Yun-Ju SZLC blade is lighter and slimmer than the Zhang Jike SZLC blade. The two blades have similar handles but the Butterfly Lin Yun-Ju is rounder and a bit fuller than the Zhang Jike.

One of the reasons that most athletes prefer the Lin Yun-Ju blade is that it has better control than other ZLC blades. The blade beats the Zhang Jike SZLC in terms of speed, stability, and control. The blade is light and can easily be penetrated, unlike the Zhang Jike SZLC.

When comparing the grip of both blades, the Lin Yun-Ju blade is a winner. It has a better and larger sweet spot than the Zhang Jike SZLC blade. It also has a better rebound performance because you will get a longer dwell time using the Lin Yun-Ju SZLC.

The two blades have similar hardness and stiffness, as they are both made from the Super ZLC Fiber.

The two blades are not designed for newbies and they are both used to play offensive shots. The Lin Yun-Ju SZLC has a good balance for playing both offense and defense.


If you like a fast-paced game, you should get the Butterfly Lin Yun-Ju blade.

Lin Yun-Ju super zlc blade not only has speed but will give you powerful shots.

It is designed for advanced level players who can fully utilize the potential of this Lin Yun-Ju SZLC blade.

The blade has strong qualities and even though it is high-end, you will get its value.

Most swift blades have players struggling with control during competition but, the Lin Yun-Ju SZLC won’t disappoint in any game.

Lin Yun-ju
Lin Yun-ju

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    1. Do you think there are two blades in the world that are exactly the same, even if it’s the same type of blade, different weight, different touch.

  1. Tengo Mizutani Super ZLC emparejada con dignidad 09c en ambos lados. Juego estilo off cerca y media distancia. Ataque de derecha fuerte y de revés débil. Entre koto (Lin Yun Ju, Fan Zhendong SZLC y limba exterior Mizutani SZLC….)
    ¿Qué madera ofrece más sensaciones?
    Entiendo que Mizutani es más dura porque vi bra más y tiene menos control porque es la más veloz…. pero es la única SZLC exterior que usa limba en vez de koto. Y en teoría koto es peor en spin que limba. ¿Me equivoco?

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