Stiga Inspira CCF Review

Stiga Inspira CCF Review

The Inspira CCF is one of Stiga’s carbon blades. This table tennis blade is super fast and incredibly stable. It is made from a blend of wood and carbon.

The Stiga Inspira CCF was made in Germany by this company and is known to produce the best composite materials. We will be showing you all the amazing features of this powerful blade and why you should get it.

Next, let’s take a look at the basic parameters of Stiga Inspire CCF and the comparison with w968 and Viscaria.

Parameter Comparison: CCF vs W968 vs Viscaria

PropertiesStiga Inspira CCFW968Viscaria
Thickness6.2 mm6.1 mm5.8 mm
Plies5W + 2 CF5W+2Aromatic carbon5W+2ALC
Head Dimensions158x151 mm160x150 mm157×150 mm
Made inSwedenChinaJapan
PriceCheck Current PriceVery expensive Check Current Price

Features of the Stiga Inspira CCF Blade


The Inspira CCF blade is one of the latest innovations from Stiga. This blade happens to be the first high-end blade from this company. It is designed with a high-performance inner carbon layer and all the materials used are of the best quality.

Looking at its structure, the Inspira CCF blade is designed with thinner Koto outer plies and Limba layers which are blended with CCF (Close Carbon Fibre) technology. This new carbon material is quite different from Stiga’s patented TeXtreme carbon technology in previous models like the Stiga Carbonado 145 and 190.

The advantage of the CCF can be seen when a player does a return of serve and this technology allows players to get a longer dwell time. The carbon fibre is converted to a granite-like material under high temperatures leaving a solid, swifter and larger sweet spot blade.

Stiga Inspira CCF Review


The Inspira CCF comes with an option of an FL handle and Straight Handle. The type you choose will depend on your personal preference. The blade has a good grip and will help you execute perfect shots. You can pair the blade’s handle with any type of rubber whether forehand or backhand. However, if you want to make more loops you can pair the blade with the DNA H Pro rubbers. You can also use the Chinese rubbers and you will certainly get fast loops. The Chinese rubbers work best for the forehand and especially the Dragon Grip.


This Stiga blade can be described as an Off+ blade even though it has an inner carbon construction. The carbon material is quite stiff but on the plus side, it gives the ball enough bounce. Although the Stiga Inspira CCF has a fast speed, it is still not as fast as most of the other fast Stiga models like the Carbonado 245 and 290. Its speed level can be compared to the Carbonado 145 or 190. It has a very fast rebound and will produce powerful speedy shots.


The Inspira CCF blade has a medium stiffness because its two upper plies give the blade a little flexibility. The plies can easily absorb the impact of the ball before it gets to the carbon layers. Its stiffness and flexibility will produce the best results for any shot taken, especially blocking.


This Stiga blade has a good amount of control and will be perfect for making shots close to the table. Even though it has a medium stiffness, you can easily execute great shots and are best for looping. The blade is balanced with a slight and soft feel to give you a powerful smash.


The Inspira CCF blade is great for loopers and you can do several spin shots using this blade. You can easily make great shots even if the player makes a poorly executed shot. The Stiga Inspira CCF blade is best for players who prefer to play a loop, drive and smashes as their playing style. You can execute a perfect serve and make a good amount of spin using this blade. The blade is great for counter strokes and will produce powerful shots. The Inspira CCF works for all levels of players from beginner to advanced level table tennis players.

Stiga Inspira CCF Review

Stiga Inspira CCF vs DHS w968

The Stiga Inspira CCF blade comes with a great build and looking at the DHS w968 blade, both blades are sturdy. They both have a comfortable grip with the FL handle blade.

The DHS w968 blade has a neutral weight balance and the appearance of its handle is quite wide. The DHS w968 blade is not as fast as the Inspira CCF. The two blades though have a good bounce. The w968 is a powerful blade but is a bit sticky. It is designed for professionals who can exert enough power to make a powerful shot.

The Stiga Inspira CCF, on the other hand, can be used by beginners. The blade will help you deliver the best shots even when they are poorly executed. In terms of control, the w968 has better control and is more balanced than the Inspira CCF. The strong point of the w968 can be seen in defensive shots while the Inspira CCF works for offensive play.

Looking at the overall performance and cost-effectiveness between the two blades, the Inspira CCF is better. Its control will help newbies and it is cheaper than the w968, and it is worth buying. You can successfully play any type of shot conveniently even if you are not very good at it.

DHS w968
DHS w968

Stiga Inspira CCF vs Butterfly Viscaria

The Butterfly Viscaria is very popular especially among the Arylate carbon blades from this brand. Like the Inspira CCF blade, it is among the high-end blades sold.

However, the Viscaria does not have the speed you get from the Inspira CCF. The two blades can be used to play offensive shots and are both great for looping. The Butterfly Viscaria is not as stiff as the Stiga blade and its construction is completely different. The arylate carbon material is different from the CCF carbon in the Stiga blade. The Stiga Inspira CCF gives better performance and its quality is one of the best.

The Inspira CCF blade has better control than the Viscaria. This is what makes it perfect for beginners and professionals. The control level of the Viscaria is not so great and it would be difficult for beginners to use it.

Also, in terms of balance and stability, the Inspira CCF is better. While the Inspira CCF feels bouncy, the carbon fibres in the Viscaria give a springy or elastic feel. You would require minimal energy using these two blades when making a shot.

The Viscaria racket gives a better performance when paired with slow rubbers like the Ternergy rubbers. The Stiga Inspira CCF blade, however, works best with high arc rubbers like the Chinese rubbers.

The Viscaria works for smashes and loops. With the Inspira CCF blade, the amount of control you get will allow you to play a spin, flick and other types of strokes. Its capability is stronger than the Viscaria and players using this blade will have a better advantage.


If you plan on getting a good blade for your game, we recommend the Stiga Inspira CCF for many reasons. The fact that this blade is the first of its kind allows you to play well and tap into its powerful strokes. The composite layers and wooden materials give you an advantage. It will also help you improve your playing skills, especially as a beginner. It has overall great performance, especially when you compare it with the DHS w968 and Butterfly Viscaria.

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