Stiga Evolution Review

STIGA is a household name in the table tennis industry and has been one of the best sellers of varieties of kits and materials used in table tennis. Ranging from the table to the paddle, ping pong balls, Stiga has created a unique name for itself in the world of table tennis. The STIGA Evolution racket is one of its many great products.

STIGA Evolution is an excellent pre-production racket with great performance which is made with quality rubber licensed by ITTF. It has stable control, proper speed, and a good grip for beginners.

Are you an enthusiast or a beginner at table tennis? If yes, you are in the right place, and we shall be sharing with you the various Stiga table tennis gears and why you need to get them. Read on to learn more about these gears.

Stiga Evolution
Stiga Evolution Racket

Stiga Racket

Made from a rubber material, the Stiga paddle has dazzled table tennis players with its exceptional attribute. Born from the intent of finesse and high quality, the paddle has excelled higher than several other brands in table tennis.

Having researched table tennis players’ peculiar challenges during gameplay, Stiga has crafted outstanding gears, including table tennis balls and rackets. They have continued to create comfort and cushion favorable table tennis gears that will guarantee high confidence.

The Stiga Table Tennis paddle is manufactured in China, one of the tech giant countries. As a result, you can only expect products borne with excellence at the focus of production. Do you wish to improve your performance?  Then try out the Stiga table tennis racket.

Are you currently looking for extra protection for the Stiga table tennis racket? Worry less. You are also covered here! With the Stiga racket cover, your paddle is well secured and shielded from the elements.

Below, we have shed more light on the fantastic features that make the Stiga table tennis paddle stand tall among its counterparts.

Features of Stiga Evolution Racket

  • Made with quality rubber licensed by ITTF.
  • High stability and control performance.
  • Possesses in-built shock dispersion Technology (SDT).
  • Firm grip to effectively serve and return a serve.
  • Paddle has a top speed of 96, spin rate of 94, and control of 90.
  • High density 2mm sponge.
  • Nano Composite Technology.
  • Contains 6 plies and weightless blades.
  • Formulated with WRB Technology.
  • Weighs about 0.35 pounds.
  • Styles with an attractive red color.
  • Dimensions of ‎10.71 x 6.1 x 1.61 inches.
  • Hand orientation of ambidextrous.

Pros & Cons


  • Allround evolution racket.
  • Tremendous in defense during gameplay.
  • Great balancing act.
  • Dissipitates shock through its SDT technology.
  • Gives you liberality to spin with grand style.
  • Provides good grip and fast speed.
  • Firm grip works great both ways.


  • The racket might be a little pricey.
  • The grip might feel slightly different from regular paddle. Over time, it unveils as the best.

Play with Stiga Evolution

If you quickly want to scale up in your table tennis career, then the Stiga evolution racket is the answer you have been searching for. With constant practice and hard work, the racket has proven to be efficient in moving you quickly from your current performance to the next level.

You must, however, be willing to pay the sacrifice for this exceptional feat. The SDH feature in the Stiga racket helps you to achieve much in the game. The shock absorber capacity neutralizes the high impact of the fast-moving ball and dissipates the momentum through its tail.

Apart from the correct body posture in the table tennis game, you need to use a strong and efficient paddle. The Stiga racket comes to relevance here, as it provides a cushioning effect as you practice the forehand drive.

In the table tennis world, the drive is known to be an offensive stroke. As a professional table tennis player, all you need is a firm grip on your racket when you serve the ball. The Stiga paddle has a tough grip to enable you to carry out this impressive stroke.

Offensive stroke

While the drive is an offensive stroke, the push is more defensive and requires sufficient power in the hand. However, without the right racket, the power in the forearm will be easily sapped. Here is where the Stiga racket comes in handy.

With the Stiga paddle, the high performance of a table tennis player is assured during a push stroke. The six-layer soft plies in the racket help you to return a serve with much effort. So, as the opponent shoots at you, you are more than fortified to deal a fatal blowback at him.

Having a top speed of 96, the Stiga Evolution racket is the choicest table tennis gear to win your next tournament. While you plan to practice a loop stroke, be sure to wield your winning power from the Stiga racket to quickly move as you serve the ball.

The loop stroke is a common strategy most players adopt to win a game. So, if you must take down your opponent, then you must be ready to utilize the spin feature Stiga Allround Evolution racket offers so you can take your opponent by surprise.

The weightless blade of the Stiga evolution racket is another feature you need to discover. While you employ the block strokes during gameplay, you must be guarded with a lightweight paddle to readily attend to attacking strokes from your opponent.

Defensive stroke

The awesome balance Stiga Evolution table tennis racket provides you with the needed control to play a block. A backhand block works best when faced with a top speed loop from the other player. The backhand block deals a fatal blow on the opponent and causes the latter to lose focus and balance.

Do you want to spin awesome shots? Then, grab your Stiga racket today!

Why wait for your opponent to knock you down? Go for the Stiga Allround Evolution racket to cause a faster return during gameplay, catching the opponent unawares.

Final Words

To perform at your best, you must equip yourself with the right combination of table tennis kits and gears. The gears include the racket, racket cover, and table tennis ball, among many others. Stiga paddle is the best and renowned racket on Amazon and the world over. Go for this award-winning brand, and victory is guaranteed.

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