Stiga Carbonado 45 Review

Stiga Carbonado 45 blade boasts of stability and comes with Stiga’s patented TeXtreme carbon technology. The design is extremely thin and its carbon fibres are evenly spread around the head of the blade.

Stiga Carbonado 45 is a high-performance blade and comes with the best features.

Stiga Carbonado 45
Stiga Carbonado 45

Features of Stiga Carbonado 45


Stiga Carbonado 45 table tennis blade comes with a different structure when compared to the Carbonado 145 and Stiga Carbonado 190 blades.

Just as we mentioned, the blade is thin and it feels lightweight with a weight measuring 84g. It has more wood than carbon unlike other previous models from Stiga. The Carbonado 45 has its carbon positioned at a 45 diagonal orientation which reflects in the trajectory of the flight of the ball.

Apart from these qualities, the design of the blade looks like other Stiga blade models. The Carbonado 45 has a sturdy feel and is a high-quality blade.


This ping pong paddle, like other Stiga blades, comes with the option of an FL/ST/CS handle. The grip is firm and will fit your hands comfortable. One of the perks of using this blade is its light feel. If you are to choose rubber for it, you can pair it with the Stiga DNA Rubbers.


Looking at the speed of this blade, one can tell that it is moderately fast. The Stiga Carbonado 45 blade has a woody feel, so it won’t make the ball fly at lightning speed.

However, its TeXtreme carbon gives it a good sweet spot so the ball makes a clean impact on the blade. It has a tough arc and a very good throw angle when playing topspins.

The Carbonado blades generally have a good dwell time and because of this blade’s thin carbon layer, it easily absorbs the impact of the ball in its core. The Carbonado 45 blade allows you to get lots of spins easily.


The blade is consistent and easy to control. This is because of its woody feel and the fact that it is not very fast. The control rating is high and it would be easy for beginners to handle the Carbonado 45 blade.

The Stiga Carbonado 45 blade is very stiff and is more like a pure wood blade. The blade composes of more wood than carbon unlike other models from Stiga. This is why the blade feels the touch softer.


This Carbonado blade is best for players who like to play spins.

If your playing style is the backhand flick, you won’t have a problem with it. It also gives accurate shots for return of serve and backhand topspin. Another playing technique for this blade is blocking. The moderate speed of this blade makes it easy to perform most shots.

However, it is not a good blade for fast attacking and you won’t get that force when doing a smash.

The Carbonado 45 blade has a good amount of control and will produce better results when making a serve.

Stiga Carbonado 45 vs Viscaria

Different Composition

Looking at the Stiga Carbonado 45 blade and the Butterfly Viscaria, one can say these two blades come from opposite worlds. Though they both have a carbon and wood blend, their appearance is different in many ways. For instance, the Carbonado 45 blade is thinner than the Viscaria when placed together.

Another area that separates these two blades is in their carbon and wooden composition. The Viscaria is one of Butterfly’s famous arylate carbon designs while the Carbonado 45 uses the signature TeXtreme carbon from Stiga. The Stiga blade has fewer carbon properties and more wooden components. The carbon makes up only about 32% of the blade. However, the Butterfly Viscaria comes with a fair amount of wood and carbon.

Regarding the price, Stiga Carbonado 45 is slightly cheaper than Viscaria.

Speed, Control, Stability

The speed of the two blades is almost the same but the Viscaria has a little more speed than the Carbonado 45 blade. Both blades are also different in the area of control while the Carbonado 45 has better control, the Viscaria is a difficult blade to work with. The Stiga blade is more consistent and has better balance than the Viscaria.

The Stiga Carbonado 45 is more flexible than the Viscaria due to its construction. You can get more spin than with Viscaria.

Play Style

If you are a player that likes to play with speed, you won’t get that from either the Viscaria or Carbonado 45 blade. The Stiga Carbonado 45 blade is good for playing offensive and will help in tactical strokes because of the amount of control you get.

The Viscaria can work for both offensive and defensive playing strategies if the player can bypass the control challenges. Both blades are perfect for mid-distance shots and players who prefer standing away from the table.

The dwell time for the Carbonado 45 blade is longer than that of the Viscaria. Since both blades give a good amount of spins, you will get more of it from serves. The two blades are good for blocking and making technical shots. However, while the Stiga Carbonado 45 blade can be used by players of all levels, the Viscaria isn’t recommended for beginners.

With Rubber

The hardness of the Carbonado 45 blade makes it perfect for medium rubbers like the tensor type rubbers Stiga DNA rubbers and even the Ternergy 05 FX rubber.

The Viscaria works for all the Ternergy rubbers whether forehand or backhand. You can also pair the Viscaria with other rubber types because it is flexible.

The Carbonado 45 blade and Viscaria both have the options of FL handle and Straight handle types. They offer a good grip and most players have their personal preference.

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