DIGNICS 09C Review: Is Dignics 09c better than DHS H3 NEO?

After playing DIGNICS 09C during the initial development phase, Timo Boll found the rubber to be so good that he became more interested in the development of this rubber.

DIGNICS 09C is the 2020 Butterfly high-end professional sticky rubber. It has a hardened Spring Sponge-X sponge and new rubber technology. With the new technology, this rubber has the high spin of sticky rubbers and the high speed of high bounce rubbers. It is one of the four kings of the DIGNICS series with the previously released D05/D64/D80.

When it comes to sticky rubber, you have to mention the China Hurricane series of rubbers. As a rubber that has swept China, high viscosity has always been a huge advantage of DHS company.

Presumably, everyone wants to know, how does DIGNICS 09C compare to Hurricane? Can DIGNICS 09C challenge Hurricane’forehand dominance? Therefore, we will compare the DHS Hurricane Blue Sponge with D09C in this review.

In this review, we used Butterfly Zhang Jike ALC blade.

Physical parameters

Weight: D09C is 73 grams, DHS Hurricane Blue Sponge is 67 grams.

Hardness: D09C is 41 degrees, and DHS Hurricane Blue Sponge is 40.5 degrees.


GradeD09CH3 national blue

There is almost no difference between D09c and Hurrican.

Compared with d05, d09c rubber felt obvious friction and rotation.

The cake sponge can make it more speed, and it feels very good to send sharp backspin or topspin.


GradeD09CH3 national blue

When hitting the ball with high power, 09c has a clearer touch, and the hit is slightly crisper than that of Hurricane national. The feeling with the small power touch, D09c is slightly crisp, the hurricane national is a little impervious to play.

Overall, the 09c is a bit faster in the middle and near table. But I think it is not as good as the Butterfly T05.

Drive backspin

GradeD09CH3 national blue
Drive backspin4.54.5

First, let’s talk about the high-spin loop, both can drive a very strong high-spin loop, the second jump is very quick.

With low power, the arc of d09c will be higher, and the arc of Hurricane national will be shorter.

Due to the rotation blessing given by the Spring Sponge-X sponge, the arc of 09c is longer, but regardless of the length of the arc, there is not much difference between the two rubber.

For the forward loop, neither is too good at it, but not as good as D05.

Drive topspin

GradeD09CH3 national blue
Drive topspin5+5+

This is the favorite part of every professional player, you can make the power in the middle and far table. I have to say that 09c is not inferior to Hurricane national. Strong toughness is what professional players want to pursue.

The 09c’s harder Spring Sponge-X sponge with the new rubber technology allows players to have more energy for holding and drive in the middle and far table.

These two rubbers give a full sense of support with a strong power attack. A word of caution: It takes a lot of strength to experience it. it is not recommended for fans who are not very good at basic skills.

For all the opponent’s topspins, especially the slower high loop ball, it will become very simple to make a more powerful counter hit. With the rotation of the opponent’s ball, increase your own rotation on this basis, and the amount of rotation is doubled, which makes the ball faster.

DIGNICS 09C Review

Backhand Flick

GradeD09CH3 national blue
Backhand Flick55

The flick of D09 is slightly crisp, and you can clearly feel the thoroughness of touching. With both speed and rotation. The DHS Hurricane national blue sponge is more solid and stable.

Generally, if you like a speed point, recommend D09c, and if you like a stable feel, recommend DHS Hurricane national blue sponge.


GradeD09CH3 national blue

The DHS blue sponge still does not play well when driving over the table.

The touching of D09c is too faster, and the control is not very good. The Blue Hurricane is suitable for short push, D09c is suitable for the long push. In general, the Blue Hurricane is slightly better in control.

When using other sets of rubber, the initial speed at the moment of the ball is acceptable when the ball is pulled back, but the speed slows down after crossing the net. The “DIGNICS 09C” rubber set is completely different, and it will be difficult for opponents to control the ball.


GradeD09CH3 national blue

The Blue Hurricane is more stable, absorbs strength better, and has a stronger ability to change lines than D09c. D09c’s shot is slightly offensive, and the defense has a sense of spray, so it is not very good for defense.

Dignics 09c vs DHS Hurricane 3 NEO Summary

GradeDIGNICS 09CH3 national blue
Drive backspin4.54.5
Drive topspin5+5+
Backhand Flick55

1. Serve: There is almost no difference between D09C and National Hurricane. The feeling of D09C rubber is obvious friction and is good for a long fast serving.

2. Attack: D09C has a clearer touch of the ball.

3. Drive backspin: Both can pull a strong high-hanging arc, the D09C arc is higher, and another arc is lower.

4. Drive topspin: D09C’s toughness is not inferior to that of Hurricane, and it has sufficient stalemate and offense in the middle and far table.

5. Flick: D09C is crisp, has a clear touch, combines speed and rotation, and the DHS H3 blue sponge is solid and stable.

6. Control: The DHS H3 national is not easy to push the ball, D09C push the ball fast. The DHS H3 national is suitable for short control, D09C is suitable for the long split.

7. Defense: The DHS H3 national is more stable and has excellent line-changing ability. D09C plays offensively and has a sense of defensiveness.

3 thoughts on “DIGNICS 09C Review: Is Dignics 09c better than DHS H3 NEO?”

  1. Comparatively you mention the Hurricane National but the picture shown is the Hurricane provincial. I’ve used all three rubbers. The Hurricane provincial & National and Dignics 09c. Not much difference between provincial and national. The National being a touch faster, but I’m not at the playing level to use these rubbers to their full potential. The 09c is great as well. You just have to tweak the angle of your racket a bit when swinging full force. The 09c is A touch faster but the spin is a touch less. A word of advice to beginners and intermediates. An expensive blade with expensive rubber probably won’t make you play better but it will make you feel good about playing. Like the old saying goes if you give Fan Zhendong a $25 blade with $10 rubbers he’ll still beat your ass.

  2. FYI….DHS NEO Hurricane 3 NATIONAL Blue sponge has no cut corners on the package. The provincial has the bottom corners cut on the package, and the commercial has all for corners cut on the package.

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