DHS Hurricane Long 5 Review

The DHS Hurricane Long 5 is the racket used by Ma Long to win the men’s singles at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. The seven-layer aramid carbon fiberboard uses the “core protection” technology to continue the Ma Long series of fast offensive and defensive transitions.

As we all know, Ma Long is the first super grand slam male player in all competitions and is known as the “first man in history” and “hexagonal fighter” in men’s table tennis in the world. At the Rio Olympics, Ma Long was treated as a lifesaver by the “fat man who doesn’t know how to play.” Ma Long, sprayed with hairspray, held Long 5 in his hand, like a golden light, making it difficult for his opponent to fight.

DHS Hurricane Long 5
DHS Hurricane Long 5


The packaging box continues the Chinese red style of DHS, from the early days of Hurrican King to the current era of Long 5, all are full of solid Chinese style.

Taking out the bottom plate, the first thing that catches your eyes is the light blue racket handle and the DHS logo covering it, with the head of Ma Long shouting at the bottom of the handle, adding a sense of aura to the whole.

Hurricane Long 5


  • Thickness:~5.95mm
  • Weight:~88g
  • Price: ~150USD
  • Structure Composition: Limba – Limba – ALC – Ayous – ALC – Limba – Limba


  • Racket: DHS Hurricane Long 5 FL Handle
  • Forehand: DHS Hurrican 3 Neo 39 degrees
  • Backhand: DHS Hurrican 3 Softer 37 degrees
  • Push: The touch is soft like pure wood, catching the ball is better, and the landing point is controlled accurately, which makes me very confident.
  • Drive:It feels that like pure wood and soft, and it is clear than Viscaria. It needs to exert more power independently, eat the ball deeply, and technically require more upper limbs to move forward.
  • Topspin Loop:Long 5 is suitable for looping in the middle and far table, with strong power and strong spin. The strong independent power, combined with the large upper limbs to meet the front, coupled with the excellent depth of the ball, makes the ball bombarded like a cannonball, making the opponent daunting. But only through the surface material can you experience Long 5’s extraordinary ball-holding ability and spin ability, the arc is very top, and a sense of security.
  • Backhand Loop:Whether serving and attacking, or block and loop, Long 5‘s performance is satisfactory, the arc is moderate, not very low flat. On the first return for the underspin, you can feel the feeling of speed and rotation, eat the ball deep, not very difficult to play through. Whether you are attacking, drive topspin, or backspin with your forehand, it has a great sense of power and is very stable, especially when driving and loop topspin continuously.
  • Defense: The defense does not shake hands, the feeling of absorbing power is very obvious and stable. At the same time, I also tried Donic F1, but Hurricane rubber felt more stable. When controlling the landing, Long 5’s spray feeling was even better.

Because of Long 5’s excellent control performance, it can sometimes counterattack in defense. Good backhand players can add some appropriate hits at this time. Of course, this will require a slight depression of the racket, and an angle of about 60 degrees is best. It can bounce the ball out, very stable!



 DHS Hurricane Long 5Grade
  • Attack: Like a pure wood paddle, with a clear feeling.
  • Drive: explosive power is not very good.
  • Defense: very stable, absorbing power obviously, good control of drop point.

Who is suitable for long 5 Blade?

Long five is suitable for mid-range players who can make primary power and have excellent control. The threshold of Long 5 is not very high. The racket is smooth in attack, so the feeling of powerlessness is not a lousy paddle, but the playing style is not suitable enough.

What rubber and Long 5 match?

Which racket does ma long use?

Ma Long’s paddle is DHS W968 FL(Hurricane Long 5 National); The forehand rubber is DHS Hurricane3 42 degree Hardness blue sponge edition, and the backhand rubber is National DHS H3 of 37-degree special edition.

8 thoughts on “DHS Hurricane Long 5 Review”

  1. I used HL5, It is great but w968 IS better than HL5. More power, elasticity and better touch

  2. HL5x has a core layer thicker than hl5. And the external layers are more near to the carbón.

    1. Thx
      Better to play with hl5 (pro play with w968=hl5) or new hl5x (made for the plastic ball)

  3. Yes, the proffessional player use special HL5 (W968). But a few use other special sub versión of w968, with the layers how hl5x.
    I dont remember if It IS 968-6 or 968-8

    1. for a french’s player rated 1900 with good fh but a between’s play , hl5x won’t be too fast?

  4. Hl5x IS not too fast, but the feeling IS different. Not innerforce really, mixed innerforce and external carbon. But not too fast

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