Butterfly Primorac Carbon Review

Primorac Carbon T5000 Review

The butterfly company is a trusted table tennis brand that has been around as early as the 60s. One of their popular blades is the Butterfly Primorac Carbon Table Tennis Blade. It is fast and one of the most formidable table tennis blades today that is used for most competitions.

Butterfly Primorac Carbon blade is designed for players who play offense because it’s is a powerful blade. It is suited for players who like to up their speed and give a powerful performance.

Are you considering getting this Ping Pong blade? We recommend you read our review to understand what you will get from using the Butterfly Primorac Carbon blade.

Basic Specification

PropertiesPrimorac Carbon
Head Dimensions157x150mm
FL Handle Dimensions100x24mm
Price See More Details
Made inJapan
Representative PlayerZoran Primorac

Primorac Carbon T5000 Reviews


This quality blade by Butterfly comes in a solid structure. The Butterfly Primorac Carbon has 5 plies and uses the best quality Japanese Hinoki on its outer layers which is a fine wood material.

The blade also has 2 layers of Tamca 5000 carbon which makes it very thick. The blade’s thickness is about 6.9mm and its total weight is 88g. The thick blade feels rigid because of the soft Hinoki material, so it doesn’t make it feel like your simply holding a hard plank.

It has a large sweet spot which is common with most thick blades.


Butterfly blades generally come with great handles. The Primorac Carbon blade comes with a flared handle(FL) and also has an option of a straight handle. Depending on your preference, you can use any of them to get the best results.


Most people can’t tell how hard this blade feels and this is because of the soft feeling from the thick and hinoki wood and the Kiri core of the blade.  The blade is very thick but despite that, it has a very soft feeling while at the same time it feels rigid.


Its thickness makes it not only heavy but you won’t get any flex. However, the stiffness helps with your swings and also when blocking. When the ball is at low speed, the stiffness of the blade prevents it from sinking into the blade. This way you won’t get a slow end-spin.

Butterfly Primorac Carbon
Older Models


The speed of the Primorac carbon is one of its selling points.

Generally, most hinoki carbon blades have a higher speed compared to regular blades. They are usually classed under the high-speed category but still, none of them compares to this Butterfly Primorac Carbon blade.

This blade is quite different from the Butterfly ZLC blades which are more elastic but are similar in terms of their speedy delivery. The Primorac blade feels bouncy and the speed makes it great for smashes.

If you are to compare the speed of this blade with other models, it is faster than the ZLC blades which include the Jun Mizutani ZLC and Victas ZX Gear Out blades. It is also faster than the popular ALC carbon blades like the Timo Boll ALC.

Butterfly Timo Alc
Butterfly Timo ALC


The Primorac Carbon boasts of explosive speed but it is not so great when it comes to controlling the speed. The heavy blade though difficult to control won’t be so much of a problem in the hands of a professional table tennis player.

A good player that can keep the ball short and luckily, this blade has a soft touch with its hinoki layer which makes it easier to achieve this. The hinoki layer gives the blade a catapult effect giving the players enough dwell time.

To some players, the Primorac Carbon blade is easier to control than some of the ZLC blades. The blade is consistent and does the same thing over and over again. You will get a consistent rebound which will help you make big shots when you master using it.


When playing a serve with this blade, it usually comes out bouncy and at a slow speed. It would be difficult to keep the serve short and even control it because of its rigidity.

It won’t be easy getting a good spin at slow speeds with this blade. Slow looping is also not this blade’s strong point.  It doesn’t produce a good effect on slow shots especially for loop and serves.

However, you will enjoy using your blade for fast looping and it is fun playing loop rallies and aggressive games that require fast-paced shots. Your drive will be lethal if you can control the blade and the shots are usually consistent.  The Butterfly Primorac Carbon blade works for blocks effortlessly and you can give a return to your opponent’s shot by giving the ball back at the same pace.

Playing Style: Attack

This blade is best for players that prefer to stand close to the table when playing blocking and flat hits. This way they can match the force of the opponent and then use their speed against them.

Primorac Carbon blade allows you to play flatter strokes. It is not designed for beginners or even players at an intermediate level. The blade is extremely fast and even very fast for some professionals. You will, however, get the best from this blade when making attacking strokes with some counters and blocks.

If you love to play looping and still want to get a good amount of spins, you should match this blade with Chinese rubbers. A forehand rubber will help you get a lot of spins. Why the Chinese rubbers work for the Primorac Carbon is that they are usually slow, and the carbon blade will give them more speed. The two paired together are a perfect combo and you can also use the ESN rubbers for backhand.


Playing with this Primorac Carbon blade is fun and a perfect weapon that will destabilize your opponent. It is impressive and is one of the best Butterfly blades of all time. Even though it is more of an attacking blade, you can also use it for defense and eventually gain control of the ball. The blade is perfect for smashes, blocking, and making counter shots. You don’t need to exert too much energy to get the impact of its speed.

However, you need to have experience with control to handle this Primorac Carbon blade . We recommend it for advanced-level players especially if you want to have fun playing a fast-paced game. This blade is amazing and you would enjoy every minute of playing with it.

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