Nittaku Acoustic Carbon Review

Nittaku Acoustic Carbon Review

The Nittaku Acoustic Blade is one of the finest blades sold today. It is an amazing offensive blade and one that was used by Ma Long. The Nittaku blade is consistent and gives you a good amount of control during the game. In our review, we will show you why this blade is worth buying.

Here is what I’ve found:

Nittaku Acoustic Carbon blade has a solid feel which makes it perfect to play loop and drive. The paddle has the characteristics of the traditional carbon blades which gives it good defensive stability. It has excellent control and its acoustic qualities make it a powerful blade.  It will give you a balanced play and can be used for all levels of players.

But there’s more to know about it.
Let’s take a look at the basic parameters of Nittaku Acoustic Carbon.

Basic Specification

Plies5W+2FE Carbon
Head Dimensions157x150mm
FL Handle Dimensions157x150mm
Made inJapan
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Acoustic Carbon Reviews

Nittaku Acoustic Carbon


The Nittaku Acoustic Carbon blade is made from premium wood. It uses the latest stringed instrument technology and uses the FE Carbon made in Japan. The FE Carbon which means Feel Carbon gives this blade a perfect soft touch like the ALC carbon blades.

The structure of the blade is a little different from the original Acoustic model with the standard Nittaku’s FL handle design but different because of the addition of carbon. The handle color is of a lighter yellow shade and has a large grip. The blade is built with 5 plywoods and two-ply FE Carbon. Its weight is 90g and thick is 5.5mm.


The blade has a woody feel and feels comfortable to hold. The smooth blade is quite stiff and does not have enough flexibility. The benefit of this is that it makes it easy for you to make smashes and also drive. You won’t lose control when you play with the blade. The blade doesn’t feel heavy but instead has the right balance as well as a low throw angle.


The Nittaku Acoustic Carbon blade can generate speed but it is still not as fast as many other carbon blades. This is good because it means players have the benefit of control. Most fast-speed blades usually have a problem with control but you won’t have this problem with the Nittaku Acoustic Carbon blade.


Like we mentioned earlier, this blade has excellent control and will give you a smooth play. The blade is quite rigid but doesn’t feel springy like with other carbon blades. It has adaptability and you won’t get any vibration when you hit the ball.


The blade is one of the stiffest of the Nittaku blades. It gives a crisp sound when the ball hits the bat. It also has a hard feel and does not have that softness you will find in Butterfly carbon blades. The Nittaku Acoustic Carbon blade, however, is a bit more flexible than the Butterfly Timo Boll ALC blade.


When playing, if you make a low to medium bounce, you will get good dwell time at the point of contact with the ball. You can also do a push with ease using this blade. The bat works perfectly when you are trying to do a return backspin serve. It is also great for blocking especially when playing with both your backhand and forehand. It is recommended for people who prefer to take a stance close to the table.

To play loops, you will need to pair this blade with the Ternergy 05 or Ternergy 64 rubber. This way you get to play perfect loops and drives. Players will also benefit from the consistency of this blade especially when playing smashes. You can apply to the ball when smashing from a distance and this will confuse your opponent making it difficult for them to play a return of serve. The wooden layer offers a great amount of spin, especially when playing with low to medium power.

Playing Style

The blade responds fast when it receives a hard shot. It also gives a good amount of spins like the original Acoustic blade. The Nittaku Acoustic Carbon blade has a bigger sweet spot.  The best playing style for this blade is spin shots.

Best Rubber for Nittaku Acoustic Carbon

The type of rubber will depend on the player’s preference. The good thing about the Nittaku Acoustic Carbon blade is that it can fit most rubbers. However, if you want to get loops, the Ternergy rubbers will be a great fit. You can use the medium to hard rubbers for the blade. other rubbers that can be used are the  Hexer Powergrip and the Donic Bluestorm Z1/Bluefire M1 rubbers.

Nittaku Acoustic Carbon Inner vs Outer

One unique feature that distinguishes the Nittaku Acoustic Carbon blade from other Nittaku blades is the thickness of its layers. This blade has a thicker carbon outer layer, a slimmer inner layer, and a third layer that is like the Nittaku blade.  The core ply is slimmer in this acoustic carbon blade.

While the inner layer is what holds the feel carbon, the outer layer is a thick layer that causes a buffer each time the ball comes in contact with the blade. This way, players get more control and it will prevent the ball from bouncing too fast. When a powerful force is applied, the carbon layer takes effect and will make the ball bounce fast.

The inner layer is slimmer while the outer layer is thicker. The reason why Nittaku made the inner layer slimmer was so that it can compensate for the rigid carbon layer. The blade has overall impressive performance. The arc control and landing are all consistent.

The thickness of the outer layer provides some buffer when it comes in direct contact with the ball. This increases the ball control ability, avoiding too fast-ball bounce that is caused by the carbon layer’s rigidity under small force situations.

Nittaku Mima Ito Carbon vs Acoustic Carbon

The Nittaku Acoustic Carbon is very similar to the Mima Ito’s carbon blade. However, the only difference is that Mima Ito Carbon Blade was designed especially for her on the occasion of her 20th birthday. The grip color was designed by Mima Ito and this unique blade is her trademark.

Mima Ito has been using this carbon blade for many years especially in this year’s Olympic games. The two blades are consistent and stable. They bring out the attacking powers of various strokes.

Nittaku Mima Ito Carbon

Nittaku Acoustic Carbon vs Viscaria


Even though the Butterfly brand is the leading table tennis equipment manufacturer, Nittaku is one of their strong competitors. They are also popular for making quality table tennis equipment.

The Butterfly Viscaria blade is quite similar to the Nittaku blade, as both have a good amount of control. The two blades do not have a powerful speed and are suitable for beginners.

However, the Nittaku Acoustic Carbon blade is made from FEEL carbon, the Viscaria is made from arylate carbon. The blade is also not as soft as the Viscaria. Arylate-carbon blades like the Viscaria have enough flexibility and an elastic feel which is not in the Nittaku blade.

Butterfly Viscaria also fits perfectly with the Ternergy blades like this Nittaku Acoustic Carbon blade for playing loops. The Nittaku only uses the flared handle design but the Viscaria however, has multiple handle options like FL/ST/CS. The two blades are used to play offensive.

The Nittaku Acoustic blades are perfect for players who want to make more smashes, push and drives. However, the Viscaria will give lots of spins and loops.


The Nittaku Acoustic Carbon blade’s rigidity is one of its selling points. If you compare the Nittaku Acoustic Carbon to its other counterparts, you will see that it is an improved version from the company. You should get it, especially if you are looking for a consistent blade with better control and performance.

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