Yasaka Crestar Review

Yasaka’s Hovering Dragon and Thunder Dragon rubbers captured a large number of fans. Especially the Hovering Dragon rubber is also favored by national team players for its high explosive energy. Like He Zhuojia, the forehand used is a special Hovering Dragon made for the player.

Although it is astringent rubber, the overall support and explosive power of the sponge are somewhat similar to DHS Hurricane 3.

Now Yasaka has launched a new type of Crestar made in China to enter the low-end market.

As stated on the package: It has very good control, moderate speed and spin, suitable for beginners rubber.


Basic Performance

Observe the rubber and find that it should be a cake sponge. The rubber surface is slightly sticky and the workmanship is more delicate.

The weight of the uncut sheet is 64.7g, which is 44.6g attached to the horizontal board. This is a weight suitable for backhand use.

The sponge foams is more evenly. When pressed, it doesn’t feel hard and elastic, but it’s better than DHS Hurricane 3.

Initial Impression

It is lighter and more suitable for the backhand, and it can be controlled without any effort. The friction performance is still good, the support of the sponge is a bit weak, compared to some classic backhand sets, it is easier to drop the ball. Probably because the sponge has poor throughput and softness.

But the backhand is relatively easy to use. The arc of pure friction is relatively stable, and the rate of attendance is acceptable.


Easy to control.

Whether it is a push or chop, a short or long ball, it will be relatively linear and not easy to rise.

Arc and Rotation

The arc distance is short and the elasticity is average.

Sponge’s support is relatively weak, but the defense will be very stable.

The rotation is satisfactory.

If the impact is sufficient, the arc of the backhand is still very explosive.

If the wrist is used well, the instant friction rotation is still quite good.

It is easy to control and suitable for beginner players to practice basic offensive actions.

Speed and directivity:

The directivity is good and more accurate.

The bounce is stable, but the sponge is soft, not a violent rubber.

In general, it is indeed as easy to control as the official introduction, and the friction performance is also good, but the speed and power are relatively average.

It is more suitable for junior table tennis players.

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