Simon Gauzy Equipment

Simon Gauzy Equipment

Sports brands make a major portion of their profits by selling products used by top players. Every cray fan wants to get their hand on the same equipment that their role models use. In this article, we are going to talk about the equipment of a famous Table Tennis player from France, Simon Gauzy.

What racket does he use to destroy his opponents and show us a play that we call a work of art? If you came looking for in-depth info on his playing equipment, you have landed at the right place.

Simon Gauzys Playing Style

Simon Gauzy is the top European Table Tennis player currently ranked #18 in the international ranking. He has a very unique playing style. Gauzy seems like a player that relies a lot on timely placement and shot variety to win. It’s a joy to watch him play. He takes calculated risks to keep his opponent uncomfortable. Although his playing style differs a lot from Chinese players, he uses looping, spins shots, and use slow but precisely timely played shots to his advantage, also bringing in attacks in varieties.

For this, his racket must be a very premium one and should allow for greater control and variety of shots, right? Simon Gauzy uses the ‘Andro Gauzy SL OFF’ blade for his international competitions. Andro is a german Table Tennis brand that produces high-quality equipment using their master engineering. Their ‘Gauzy’ line-up of rackets is specifically designed for Simon Gauzy’s personal use according to his demands and needs. Since Gauzy plans offensive-defensive, the latest racket in this line ‘Gauzy SL OFF’ is specially designed for this.


Racket: Andro Gauzy Supreme Line OFF

Forehand Rubber: Andro Rasanter R50

Backhand Rubber:Andro Rasanter R50

Andro Gauzy Supreme Line OFF Review

There is a lot to talk about this racket. The design of this racket is intense. Dark brown and light brown stripes running vertically through the racket give a premium and hard look at first glance. Among the 7 plies, the center core is a thin red-dyed abachi surrounded by undyed abachi from both sides. On top of that comes a very thin limba ply layer which is finally surrounded by the outer thin ebony wood ply. These 7 layers of high-quality wood harmonize perfectly with each other to achieve the required hardness and stiffness on the blade.

Basic Properties

Plies7 plies
OuterEbony Wood
Speed 8.0
Control 9.5
Head Dimensions157x150mm
Handle Dimensions100x26mm
Made inGermany
Price$ 125 USD

Playing with Gauzy SL OFF

As you can guess from the hardness and stiffness of the racket, it is made to produce spin and a variety of slow-paced and precise shots. The medium-level hardness allows for better accuracy and contact time with the racket as well as better spin. Overall, the racket is great for both backhand and forehand drives. The backhand feels way comfy with this blade as a thicker racket allows for a better stroke feeling. The racket performs generally great while blocking. Thickness plays a vital role here to allow for a stable rebound when blocking a smash.

If you are planning to buy Gauzy SL OFF, you must also invest in great quality bat rubber, and in this regard, I will list out the rubbers that Simon Gauzy personally uses. He has been using the Rasanter R series for so long. He recently switched from Rasanter R50 to Rasantar R53. For his own use, he uses two different rubbers for both backhand and forehand.

Forehand Rubber: Andro Rasanter R53

Backhand Rubber: Andro Rasanter R50

Simon Gauzy’s Blade: Gauzy SL OFF

Andro Rasanter R53

Since this is the forehand rubber for SL OFF, Gauzy prefers to play fast-paced and controlled shots with his forehand. R53 is one of the most revolutionary rubbers produced by Andro. The sponge is made out of cutting-edge technology called ‘energy cell sponge’ which produces excellent topspin and changes its dynamics. This is was seen in action for the first time when Gauzy competed against Xu Xin and outperformed him.

Rating: 9.6\10

Simon Gauzy’s FH Rubber: Andro Rasanter R53
Andro Rasanter R53
Andro Rasanter R53 Control

Andro Rasanter R50

This backhand rubber is Gauzy’s backhand weapon. He chooses this rubber so wisely knowing that his racket is control and spin-oriented. This rubber adds hardness and speed to the backhand side of the racket, allowing Simon Gauzy to play faster spin shots and backhand drives without putting too much power or follow-through. If you want to play spin-driven backhand strokes and still want that sponge hardness, this is the perfect backhand rubber to go with.

Rating: 9.1\10

Simon Gauzy’s BH Rubber: Andro Rasanter R53
Andro Rasanter R50
Andro Rasanter R53 Control

Both rubbers have a special place in Gauzy’s equipment bag. Since his game is mainly focused on playing a variety of spin and well-placed shots, he wants to add extra speed and that extra dynamic spin with Andro’s sponge technology. This helps him with his playing style and get a lead against his opponent.

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