DHS Hurrican W968 vs. W997 vs. N301 vs. 655 vs. 656 Blade Reviews

DHS W968 Review

DHS W968 is a particular version of Hurricane Long 5. The launch of Long 5 gives people a fantastic feeling. Because the arc is too “sprayed”. The 5+2 structure of Limba surface material, built-in Huang Fang carbon, and Ayous core.

It maintains the pure wood feel under small power and supports fiber and the deformation and spray feel of the ayous core under medium and large power. This blade is undoubtedly an excellent weapon.

W968 is more optimized in material selection and process, and the degree of drying is better. So when you use W968, you will feel that the blade is more integrated. The sense of power is strong and linear.

The market version of Hurricane Long 5 has non-linear flexibility, and the overall sense of hierarchy is not as good as W968. Of course, the overall arc ability, the market version of the Kuang Biao Long 5, is already outstanding, but that W968 is the choice to pursue ultimate performance.

DHS w968 blade

DHS W997 Review

The special version of Long 5 has a W997 blade and the W968, which can be a hardened version of the 968. Although the power has increased, the depth and stability of the ball are not as good as W968. Maybe this is why Ma Long used W968 back after trying W997.

Hurricane W968 blade, the backhand, is relatively better to use. It is more suitable for players with better backhands and better self-power. W968 is heavy, the center of gravity is close to the head. The swing speed will have a particular impact, the middle stage and the far stage are threatening, and the hit is good.

For DHS w997, the forehand is relatively better, and the center of gravity is close to the head, which is slightly heavier, which will have a specific impact on the swing speed. It is more suitable for table tennis players who defend firmly and actively pull back from the far platform.

W997 is a bit softer than W968.

DHS w997 blade

DHS N301 Review

DHS N301 is a blade that is now widely sought after. The low-end Hurrican 301 has a large audience and regards it as a cost-effective choice.

The special N301 version is regarded as the king of straight carbon. Because it is also the choice of national players, such as Xue Fei, use it as a sharp weapon for pen-hold shooting.

The combination of Koto surface, Ayous core, and built-in aromatic carbon achieve the style of “not weak forehand but stronger backhand.” Improve the balance of rotation and speed to a new level.

Koto surface material is superior to lymph material in terms of support and speed, so that backhand flick and push can be further optimized.

The market version of Hurricane 301 is already quite good. Compared with N301, the short ball is a little fuzzy and bouncing, but the overall quality is still imposing, and it can be said that the price/performance ratio is very high.

Rich players can naturally pursue the N301 official blade, but hurricane 301 is not destructive for most players.

DHS N301 blade

DHS Hurricane Hao 656 Review

DHS hurricane hao 656 blade is a combination of koto surface, spruce wood, and Ayous core, making it the pinnacle of five-layer straight wood.

As a blade born in the inorganic era, DHS hurricane hao 656 thickens the Ayous core based on DHS Hao2 and improves the overall rigidity and support.

The thick and transparent big core becomes more solid after exerting its strength. Even today, this paddle still has fans.

Many CS-handle grip players are still chasing this unique N656 paddle. The transparency of the hand feel, the high rate of attendance, and the excellent arc ability are impressive.

Comparing DHS hurricane hao2 and N656, N656 is slightly better in terms of appearance and power, but the actual difference is not that big.

There is also an N656-1 blade, which is generally considered to be thicker than the N656. In terms of the touch of the ball, N656 appears softer and more stable and has a higher performance rate. The N656-1 is more complex, more powerful, and has better shot quality, but it does not have the arc and stability of the N656.

DHS Hurricane King 655 Review

DHS Hurricane King2 was named DHS Hurricane King 655 in the early days, and the corresponding particular version is N655. Because the special version is hard to find, some table tennis players are now pursuing the early market versions of DHS Hurricane Hao 656 and DHS Hurricane King655.

In terms of materials, N655 looks tougher, Ayous core is thicker, and the quality of the spruce material is better. The solidity of the ball board is slightly improved, but it is not apparent.

DHS Hurricane King 2 is a work of the inorganic era. Compared with Hurricane King 1, the thickness has increased from 5.6mm to 5.9mm. The main reason is the thickening of spruce wood. The permeability is worse than that of the previous generation, but the speed is faster after the rigidity is increased.

Another particular version of DHS Hurricane King 2 is N766. The strength material of N766 looks like spruce, but it is red pine with higher hardness and shorter wood grain. The hardness and supporting force are significantly higher than the market version. But because the red pine material is tough.

DHS Long 2 W506 Review

W506 is a magical symbol that symbolizes Ma Long’s 51 consecutive victories. At that time, Captain Ma Long was still holding the seventh floor of pure wood number 506. DHS 506 thickens the Ayous core. The middle layer is the thickest, creating a sense of deformation similar to five layers of pure wood.

The touch is better than pure wood with seven layers, and the thickened Ayous core has strong support. However, it’s not fast, but powerful. It can be said that there is the transparency of five layers of pure wood and the solidity of seven layers of pure wood.

In addition to DHS Long2 W506, a blade named 506: Tian Ji 506, Tianji 506 is more complicated and faster and shorter ball holding time.

In the particular version of W506, the selection of materials is stricter, the dryness is better, and the hand feels crisper.

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      However, you can also try the Butterfly Arylate-Carbon fiber blade, I recommend the Boll ALC blade, T05/T64 for forehand and backhand or Tibhar MX-Prubber for both sides.

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