ZHANG JIKE SUPER ZLC SPECIAL Latest News: Available in August 2021

He is the fourth male player in the history of table tennis to achieve a career in the Grand Slam.

He is the fastest player ever to win a Grand Slam.

  • Men’s Singles Winner World Championships 2011
  • Men’s Singles Winner World Cup 2011
  • Men’s Singles Winner Olympic Games 2012

Zhang Jike: Butterfly is very good in the research and development of equipment. It has also been well received by many players. Butterfly equipment can make me play a better technical level, which is worthy of trust.

Zhang Jike’s backhand on-the-table flick not only can take the initiative but also pose a great threat. His two-sided continuous attack style with early hitting points has swept the world.

Head DimensionsFL: 157x150mm ST: 157x150mm CS: 161x150mm
Handle DimensionsFL: 100x25mm ST: 100x23mm CS: 82x24mm
Made inJapan
PriceMore Expensive

Nowadays, Zhang Jike has rarely appeared on the table tennis field. The equipment he used has been rarely updated in the Butterfly blade. This ZHANG JIKE SUPER ZLC SPECIAL for 70th Anniversary may be the last masterpiece of the Zhang Jike series.


ZHANG JIKE SUPER ZLC SPECIAL for 70th Anniversary edition, as the name suggests, is not just a “commemorative edition”, but also a “special”. It must be different from the market version of Zhang Jike Super ZLC. In terms of appearance, the black special classic tail label and the 70th-anniversary golden main label are all interpreting special meanings.

What has changed in the performance of this super-special edition that has just been launched on August 1st?


Most super enthusiasts have been baptized with a butterfly limited edition blade. Comparing the market version that i have played with the corresponding butterfly limited edition, it is found that the limited edition is softer, better holding the ball, has obvious elasticity, and has a stronger sense of power and strength. The market version tends to have a stronger fiber feel, while the limited edition has a pure wood feel after it has been penetrated.

ZHANG JIKE SUPER ZLC SPECIAL really feels softer than the market version, even a bit “empty” under medium and small forces, but at the same time, it has stronger flexibility, and the holding time has been enhanced, and the energy of the middle and far station is also stronger. This should be one of the fastest and highest quality of all the butterfly bats.

Physical Differences

Use a gauge to measure the thickness of the surface of ZHANG JIKE SUPER ZLC SPECIAL, take 6 points, and the value of each point is between 5.62-5.65mm.

Generally speaking, a more advanced blade will do better in flatness, and the thickness error of each point will be smaller.

The thickness error of an ordinary paddle may reach 0.2-0.3mm. But the super special edition does look flatter.

The structure is the same as the market version, but the fore and back surface material of the special edition are slightly thicker than the market version. In theory, the surface material is thicker and the shot is slower, but the power is stronger.

Zhang Jike Super ZLC Special  vs Zhang Jike Super ZLC

With the same rubber, you will feel that the special edition is more flexible, and the market version is easy to control. The small ball of the Special Edition is more likely to be high, and the quality is higher after the force is applied.  When paired with DHS Hurricane 3 NEO on the forehand, it is difficult to say which one is better with the special edition or the market edition. However, you will think that the market version has better directivity; while the special version is a bit vague at low power, but it is more flexible, clearer with more power, and the energy is a little higher than the market version.

ZHANG JIKE SUPER ZLC SPECIAL is not as crisp and firm as the Zhang Jike SZLC market version, but rather has a taste like Butterfly ALC blade, with a sense of hierarchy. When hitting, it is still very similar to the market version, crisp and crunchy; but when looping, it is more like the enhanced version of Viscaria Golden, thick, but not stiff. The first speed is fast, the second speed is also fast, with a strong sense of pressure. When counter topspin, this blade has a sharp sense of speed and accuracy of landing.

It doesn’t feel much under small power, but the more power, the more solid. There is more room for accumulating power. At the same time, the sense of injection is very strong, requiring the player to swing fast. Otherwise, the ball cannot be held and the arc is not well controlled, the action is best to compact.

It doesn’t feel much under small power, but the more power it has, the more solid it becomes. There is more room for power accumulation. At the same time the sense of injection is very strong, requiring the player to swing speed must be fast, otherwise, you can not eat the ball to control the arc is not good, the action is best to compact.

The arc of the backhand flick is low and fast, not particularly spinning, but the advantage of speed is enough to score.  Forehand offensive topspin is very good, but for backspin, the spin and quality are average. In this respect, it is not like the Butterfly ALC paddle that has a clear sense of pause when holding the ball. You need to be more focused to have higher quality, otherwise, the opponent is easier to defend. But once the power is applied, it is the most ferocious monster.

The defensive ability of the forehand and backhand is very strong. The stiffness and supporting power of the blade make it a “defensive automatic gear” bat that like HARIMOTO TOMOKAZU INNERFORCE SUPER ZLC.


With rubber

In terms of characteristics, ZHANG JIKE SUPER ZLC SPECIAL is in the category of hard elastic. Based on the market version, the elasticity is more enhanced. With DHS H3 NEO orange sponge 39 degrees feel too fast off the racket, need to match with a lower hardness of the sponge. It is better to match with a softer Hurricane 8 or Hurricane 3 blue sponge. In practice, it works best with soft rubber, like Donic S1. It is better to hold the ball and use the support of the racket. Of course, high-level players can match freely.

For whom

Although the hitting quality is higher and more flexible, Zhang JIKE SUPER ZLC SPECIAL needs to pay attention to two aspects:

one is to match the rubber, it is best to choose a soft rubber and also have a good grip feeling. This can make up for the general rotation characteristics of Super ZLC  at the same time.

The other is the relatively short holding time of the blade, fast off the board, and strong flexibility. If you play fast attack, It must be a good helper.

Professional players have solid basic skills and fast swing speed. Those players who like Super Zhang will definitely like this special edition with enhanced lethality. Simply put, this is a racket suitable for advanced players. Except for fast attack players, if you are a looper,  you have to be at least an amateur master.

Physical Objects

Zhang Jike SZLC Special Edition 70th Anniversion
Zhang Jike SZLC Special
Zhang Jike 70th Anniversion Version
Zhang Jike Special Edition
Zhang Jike Super ZLC Special 70th

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