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Top10 Questions for Table Tennis Return Board

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What is the table tennis return board?

The returning board is also called the rebound board, composed of a bracket and a wooden board. The board should have a good bounce rubber attached to it to mimic the actual return path better.

Why is there a return board?

Table tennis is a two-player game, but sometimes the player can’t find a partner and want to play the game. According to statistics, Australia, the UK, India, the Philippines, and Malaysia buy it the most.

What is the price of the return board?

The price of bounce boards is generally $50, and with the rubber on the surface are more expensive.

How to make a power return board?

It includes a board and a bracket that supports and fixes the rebound board. A layer of rubber is pasted on the surface of the return board.

Who is suitable for the return board?

Suitable for the amateur player who has some essential skill and can control the return drop. Not suitable for novice and professional players. The power return board is handy for equipment enthusiasts, can be alone and experience performing for the new blade and rubber.

What are the advantages of return boards?

Without any restrictions, you only need a table to start training. The ping pong return board is suitable for playing alone when you can’t find an opponent. It Does not have initiative power and requires the player to supply power to bounce the ball back. It can train the player’s initiative, suitable for various offensive training, such as topspin training.

What are the disadvantages of return boards?

Players need the basic skills of table tennis to control the drop point, speed, and arc. The ping pong return board will not supply initiative power and can only use your strength to bounce the ball back. So the players need to supply power for training actively. It is not suitable for defensive and backspin training.

Is it helpful to train with return boards?

The most significant advantage of the rebound board is that it can train the player’s supply initiative power. But it can never replace the coach.

How to adjust the returned board?

The rebound board is about 15cm to 25cm away from the table; adjust the height of the arc of the return to a suitable position. The angle should be adjusted slowly to the best position.

How to train with return board?

Use 50% of the power near the table, 70% of the power at the far station. Do not use full power. Otherwise, the arc will be difficult to control.
You can slowly adjust to help change some details. For example, the level of force and the point of impact.
Test your offense, such as the power, speed, and arc of the serve and return.
I am training techniques that do not have a high success rate because no one wants to pick up the ball.
Do not pursue the number of rounds; pay attention to the simulation of the actual battle to control the landing point and arc.

Overall, Equipment is always a tool to assist in practice. If you want to bring your level up, you still need a coach to guide you. Because adjusting the movement requires a steady rhythm and landing point, which are not provided by the return board.

Finally, the professional players will not use the table tennis robot and return board.

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