what are the basic rules ping pong?

There summarized the essential table tennis rules to help you play games.

Scoring and Serving Rules

  • The table tennis basic official rules is playing to 11 points and the both players take turns to serve two balls. After exchange serves, whoever reaches 11 points first wins the game and proceed the next game.
  • It require an additional game when the score reaches 10:10, the both players take turns to serve one ball each until one side exceeds the other side by two points to win.
  • Generally the matches include three sets of two wins (preliminary round), five sets of three wins (replay/semi-final) and seven sets of four wins (final round), five sets of three wins and seven sets of four wins. In the deciding game, which is the final game after the big score is two to two or three to three, when one side wins five points, both players need to exchange the field.

Singles Rules

  • In singles regular, the server can serve from any position of his side, as long as the ball bounces once on his side of table, then crosses the net and reaches the opponent’s table.
  • When serving, the ball bounces on this side and then hits the net, and then falls to the opposing table,the serving is invalid and need to serve again.
  • If the ball does not land on the opponent’s table after wiping the net, and the serve is the lost point.

Doubles Rules

  • In doubles regular,the serve starts from the right side of the serving, and the ball can only serve diagonally, that is only serve to the right hand side of the opponent.
  • If the serve is sent to the opponent’s left side, it will be judged that the server has lost points;
  • The players on each side take turns to receive the ball once, if a player misses or receives the ball twice in a row and judge the player lost point.
  • If the ball is served to the opponent’s midline position, the ball needs to be re-served.
  • After one side has served twice, the two players of the server need to switch positions and the another player will receive the ball.

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