Top 10 Health Benefits of Playing Table Tennis

Table tennis is a sport that combines fitness, competition, and entertainment.

 So, what is the reason for you to choose table tennis? What are the mental, emotional, physiological, and social benefits of playing ping pong?

I did some research and here is what I’ve found quick snippet of answer:

  • Increase Energy and Improve Mood
  • Improve The Quality of Sleep
  • Enhance Brain Memory
  • Improves Body Coordination
  • Increase Creativity
  • Reduce Cancer
  • Increased Confidence
  • Reduce Colds
  • Improve Work Performance
  • Helps to Burns Calories
By the way, if you are a new player and are learning how to play table tennis, here are two articles that may help you, the best ping pong paddle and how to hold a ping pong paddle.

Let’s start.

Increase Energy and Improve Mood

         What are the benefits of table tennis in emotional?

     Playing table tennis can make us feel better. Endorphins secreted in the brain can make us feel happy, release anxiety and pressure, and feel happier and more relaxed!

     Playing table tennis 2~3 times a week can increase physical strength by 20% and reduce fatigue by 65%.

benefits-of-table tennis-in-emotional

Improve The Quality of Sleep

      What are the benefits of table tennis for sleep?

     Playing table tennis can help us sleep better. According to the latest research from the National Sleep Foundation, 67% of people who play table tennis have better late-night sleep quality than those who don’t, regardless of whether they play in the morning, noon, or night!

Enhance Brain Memory

     We all hope that we have a better memory to face work problems or exams. The latest research published in the Journal Behavioral Brain Research shows that aerobic exercise can increase the memory-related hormones in the blood!


Improves Body Coordination

What are the benefits of table tennis for our bodies?

Playing table tennis can stimulate mental alertness and concentration, and developmental understanding.

Long-term table tennis exercise not only makes the upper limbs, lower limbs, and lower back muscles more robust and more muscular, and the joints more flexible and stable, but also improves the speed, strength, flexibility, and coordination of the body, and makes the body stronger and full of vitality.

Improves Body Coordination

Increase Creativity

     Dr. Sandra B. Chapman from The University of Texas published research about Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience, which confirmed that:

      After 12 weeks of aerobic exercise, three times a week for one hour, the players had significantly more oxygen in their brains and performed better on cognitive and creativity tests!


Reduce Cancer

     At present, we are not clear about the mechanism by which exercise reduces cancer risk. Still, the National Cancer Institute statistics point out that people who exercise regularly have a lower cancer risk!

Table tennis can make the body’s circulation and respiratory system function greatly enhanced. The exercise makes the heart muscle development powerful, and the elasticity of the blood vessel wall increases. These changes are very beneficial to middle-aged and older adults and can reduce the adverse effects of cardiovascular disease.

Reduce Cancer

Increased Confidence

After playing table tennis for some time, you will find that your figure looks better and your strength becomes more muscular.

Table tennis makes you exude a confident beauty!

benefits-of-table tennis-in-confidence

Reduce Colds

     At present, the exact mechanism by which people who play table tennis are less likely to catch a cold is not precise.

     But the latest research published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine pointed out that people who regularly play table tennis have a 46% lower chance of catching a cold than those who don’t.

     In addition, people who often play table tennis reduce the number of symptoms after a cold by 41%, and the severity of symptoms decreases by 32% to 40%. Researchers speculate that playing table tennis can help improve the immune system in the body!

benefits-of-table tennis-reduce-cold
Reduce Colds

Improve Work Performance

benefits-of-table tennis-at-work

     A survey of 19,803 office workers last year showed that office workers with the habit of playing table tennis performed 50% better in creativity, presentation ability, and productivity in the company than their colleagues who did not play table tennis.

Helps to Burns Calories

The weight loss coach said that aerobic exercise must be done to lose weight.

Professional table tennis coaches said that playing table tennis is an aerobic exercise and the most effective way to lose weight.

Compared with swimming and running, table tennis is more exciting and can make people stick to it.

Burns Calories

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22 thoughts on “Top 10 Health Benefits of Playing Table Tennis”

  1. Tahseen Ahmed Khan Sherwani

    Totally agree with you and when you winning wow what a taste it has


    I endorse all the benefits that one gets by playing TT regularly. I am 72 and I am the living proof for that claim.
    You don’t strain yourself too much but you are bound to get the required amount of exercise, exercise with lot of entertainment by playing TT.I play for a minimum time of 1 hour every day. You also play and reap all the benefits richly.

    1. I am 51yrs I played three times a week and it’s awesome. I feel young and refreshing when ever i played..
      It’s the best game for me ..sweat out and keep fit physically and mentally.

  3. Gyan Chand Jain

    I play table tennis regularly, I’m 73 and no need to take medicine, it’s improve your acceptance power, energy power,fighting power and u can have a positive friends group.I love to play TT.
    Gyan jain,Mumbai

  4. Shirish Vasant Phadkar

    I am 75 and not the oldest in the section,
    others 77, 80, 82. can match play with 20-30 years younger players. The game developes great bond amongst us too. Giving positive energy through out the day

  5. I am 72 and play table tennis for about one hour in the evening . This has kept me for away from pills and injections so far. It is great game to improve your reflexes and mood as well.

  6. I am 70 plus playing TT for the past 50 years with some gaps here and there . After 60 stopped the other games and concentrated on TT for better health and happiness . I believe in the health benefits mentioned about TT with and with out appropriate references . Senior TT practionners can match with youngsters even at 80s is the ample evidence for the several points touched in the article . Enjoy TT for better health .


    I am playing TT for the past 55years regularly. I am benefited as said in the article and maintaining fitness because of attachment to this game and ofcourse my medical bill per annum is bearest minimum. Physical activeness and mental alertness is automatic awards in life. I suggest to spare some time to play TT and keep away I’ll health conditions.

  8. I started playing Tzt whenI was 12 years old. When I was 32 years I became a coach, I now play in 2 leages love the sport and will be 86 in Nov.

  9. Yes it works for me. Which is .. Improves my body coordination and improves my work performance…

  10. Hi I’m 61 and been playing TT since I was 11 the confidence and fitness it gives you is amazing and it gets rid of any stress and anxiety you may be having, after playing especially if you have played well you walk around feeling fantastic. Also if you play in a team the camaraderie you have with the other players especially when your doing well is great. Long live table tennis

  11. Stuart Goldberg

    I am 80 and just won a gold medal in men’s singles 80-84 at the National Senior Games in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. in May. This truly amazing game keeps me young and healthy. I have been playing table tennis for 71 years. And my skills are as good as ever!

  12. Jyotiprakash Desai

    I am 73 years, not a regular player. I have observed that it gives immense physical and mental strength. It teaches combat tactics also. How to tackle a ball, when to defend and attack, that also at particular place on table with controlled speed and spin. In real life also it helps us to tackle the obstacles.

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